Daily Reflection on Trystღ (02/13/13)

Daily Reflection (02/13/13)


 Spring Le-Fever

 Happy Wednesday Tryst!! How does this day find you? The news this morning told me that the temp today is supposed to be close to 60 degrees, which makes me super happy! I am a warm weather kind of girl, all the way!! I was commenting on a fellow blogger’s site last night, who had posted a piece on the winter weather which had brought to his city lots and lots of snow, and he was not too happy about it. I commented that snow is only good for one thing, snowboarding!!


My bestest girlfriend, the beautiful Marie, and I love to go snowboarding. Even though we live in the midwest, we have a little park here that provides some of the largest hills in the state, and when packed with snow, they are packed with skiers and boarders!! (I picked up snowboarding when I was in college in Salt Lake City, so, yea, I’m snow-spoiled! But I also found my love for the sport, so I’m grateful to be able to ride my board whenever I can!) Aside from that sole purpose, I don’t like much else about winter. Everything is grey and dead, and it’s so cold, especially at night… blah! If I’m not attached to a snowboard, then put my ass on a beach, under the hot sun, in a bikini, with some coconut oil, a good book, or magazine, and a surf board so I can run down to the surf and ride the waves!! (Not the snow this time, my other board-riding sport)


With that said, I’m itching with a wicked bad case of the inevitable ‘Spring-fever’, which is something I get every year, no matter what, right about this time. People make jokes, ‘Jen Le-Fever got the Spring Le-Fever..’ but it’s true! I love the spring time! Everything is bursting back to life, the world is bursting with colors right before our very own eyes, people are moving around the city, getting exercise to burn off the ‘winter-pounds’ we packed on during the holidays and bitter cold nights. The shops are packed with new spring fashion, and all the new things are being displayed for the spring season’s new Couture lines!! Spring time is the ‘Season of Life’, as I like to call it. Everything is just new, and fresh, and alive again!


I think this year my Spring-Fever will be especially bad! I am putting behind me, further and further, the events of last year, which were very difficult, to say the least. And as I watch the world spring back to life, I realize how unpredictable life really is. I will leave you today with this Tryst thought:


Life. Time. Love. These things are so precious. We can’t get time back, ever. We can’t change, or predict, or alter our life or our past in any way. We can’t force love, either to stop or to start. Our hearts do that for us. We have no control over who our hearts choose to love. Love just is, it just happens.


So… Live in the moment! Keep your eyes open and know that this moment right here, this very moment where you sit here, reading these very little Tryst words, you can’t ever get back! (So, I hope you are enjoying it..) (Smiling) Love with all your heart! Spend your time wisely! These things are so important. And one last thing, this one is important.. Tell your loved ones you love them, every time you go to tell them ‘Bye’ on the phone, or in person. You never know when the last time you will ever get to say those very words to them will be. Say ‘I love you’!! If I could tell my brother that I love him, if only just one more time… ah, that’s a whole other matter, but you get my point!?


I hope this day is filled with love and you are all full of life today!

Enjoy the coming of the Spring time, and if you have a case of the ‘Spring Fever’, it’s OK, go ahead and itch it!! Do whatever you need to do to enjoy the world coming back to life this spring time!!


Love your Life Tryst Family!! Live your day!! ~ Jen


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4 responses to “Daily Reflection on Trystღ (02/13/13)

    • Well, winter was actually kind of nice here, tolerable, I’d say.. But I love the sun & heat.. I’m ready for it! And, I’m jelly that you have 60 degree weather in the winter! That’s so lovely! Hoodies in the winter!! Yep, nice! ~Jen

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