Endless Summer

A Poetic Duet, a piece on Love, words to describe a lovely romance, with all its passion and tenderness
Written by the talented Shruti of Passionwriting, who is not only a joy to write with, but a kind and tender heart, who makes a cherishable friend.
 Endless Summer
I catch myself smiling

Happiness seems to be radiating out

I have finally got what I wished for

Only now I’m scared to shut my eyes
Cause of fear that it was all a dream
 The power of my energy
My inner sunshine and light
Is a force not to be reckoned with
Internally, I’m prepared to fight
For all that is mine today
 My journey was too long to stray…
I will not give up on you
I will not give up on us
I shall fight through the times
And make you call me as yours
Determined and bound
Ribbons of yesterdays glories
I carry with me through tomorrow
Building strength from my sorrows
I was never the one to call it quits
And your presence gives me wings
Farther away in the sky
I am bound to fly high
I catch myself smiling
For I know that I have won
I have my wish, my inner sunshine
I still have you, I know that you are mine
We spread our wings
And fly away
Endless summer
With you I shall stay
Written by Passionwriting and Jen on Tryst
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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