Evening Reflection on Tryst (02/13/13)

Evening Reflection (02/13/13)


Celebrating the Essence of Spirit & Love

 Good evening Tryst family. The sun has fallen and the crisp February air kisses my face as I walked to my car after work this evening. I looked up to the sky and couldn’t help myself but to smile. I had a really good day today, which has been long over due for me. (I have been having a rough last couple of weeks, as those of you who keep up with Tryst know..)

The day was warm and full of sunshine, and with me, full of Soulshine too! I have a beautiful friend, who had an important appointment today that resulted in wonderful news! I tapped into my inner most creativity and wrote some pieces on summer and the joy’s and bliss that come along with that! And, in return, received some warm, kind and loving words from my dearest of Tryst friends, appreciating even more the words I wrote yesterday morning, reflecting on the true honor and value of friendship!

Tomorrow marks the one day of the year that is specifically dedicated to celebrating the joy of love. Love, is such a complex thing. It is one thing that I have always written about, trying to figure out, de-code, decipher, and yet, it still confuses the hell out of me! With that said, I still absolutely, head over heels, love love! I am the hopeless romantic! I love finding love everywhere, and in everything!

As I get ready for bed, putting this day to rest, thinking about my wonderful day, am taking just a few moments to be thankful and express my gratitude for the many loves in my life. I am thankful for the loving friendships that I have in my life. I am blessed with a true loving marriage and the wonderful, unexplainable love that happens everyday between my husband and me. I am thankful for the beautiful, warm, kind and loving spirits in my Tryst friends as well!

Celebrate the essence of love tonight. Tomorrow. And everyday after that!

Love may be a paradox, but there is love to be had!

If anyone doesn’t have another to share love with tomorrow, on the day of love, then celebrate the love within your very own heart & soul! There is love there too!

I wish you all a happy Valentines Day Tryst friends!

May love find its way to you, and may you give love to yourself and to the world!

Good good night!! ~ Jen


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2 responses to “Evening Reflection on Tryst (02/13/13)

    • Thank you so much!! I agree!! Through my eyes, I see so much more to love, than not to love!! Love is a powerful word.. I love what love stands for!! Hope your day is filled with love, and every other day too of course!! I hope you get to be with your hubby today, and you’re not apart working! But if you are, remember there are many other ways to connect with someone, so be creative if that is the case! ~J

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