You May Never

You May Never



Through the air

A Poison dart

Shot through my heart

And my soul fell to the floor

I stumbled around

Out of breath, until

I realized you were gone

Heart ache came

It hurts so bad

Needing you more & more

Finding myself

Calling your name

To the back of the closed-door

Inside of me

Inside my heart

Pain never will subside

Told that I

Am the one to blame

For you not being here

The truth in that

I despise so much

Deny it day after day

The absence of you

Rings silent in my mind

You must have your reasons

Why do I

Think it was only you

That needed to make the change

Ignorance on my behalf

To say I’m not to blame

Games I play

To win you back

Leave me standing still

Alone I’ll be

If I do not

Change my ways

You may never come back home


~ J. Lefever ~



This piece is dedicated to the lost & lonely.

This piece is to sing the song of the person who denies..

This piece is written to show that, some believe they are never at fault…

This piece, I hope, will reach someone who is hurting for their love….

This piece, I pray, will inspire someone to stand and make a change…..


©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

6 responses to “You May Never

    • I’m glad you liked it! There is a lot of truth here. So often, it is hard for us to look inside ourselves and see the part we play in things. We like to think that we are perfect and have done no wrong, but we always play a part. And other’s see things from a different view, carrying different feelings, having different reactions to things.

      This piece hits close to home because I have someone who I love very much who is going through a situation like this. The wanting os someone, the absence of someone, and the denial that they too, have done wrong.

      It’s……very difficult for me to watch.
      I hope you had a wonderful day of love!! ~ Jen

  1. Wonderful wake-up call, Jen.

    Look in the mirror before looking out the window, I always say.

    I’ve lived by it all my life – tough and humbling, but guess what – Lisa and I celebrated our 32 years of marriage last week. And our three adult children wish to have the same married life that we’ve had – that to me is true affirmation and makes it all worthwhile.

    All good wishes,

    • Yes, there is a strong message I was trying to convey here. And a fight for something so precious and powerful, love.

      Congrats on 32 years! That is wonderful, so wonderful!! And quite the affirmation as well! I hope to see my husband and I there someday! I enjoy your comments very much. I’m so happy to have you on Tryst! ~J

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