Daily Reflection on Trystღ (02/15/13)

Daily Reflection (02/15/13)



Nevermind… I’m not Sorry!!!


 Hey hey, happy Tryst peeps!! I know you are all sunshine and bubbles today because of, at least, two things: 1. It is finally Friday, and 2. It is post-love day and we are all still buzzing from our wonderful celebrations yesterday, whatever they were!! Right? Each day this week, I have been inching back towards myself, after I completely slid off the hill for a minute. Life throws lemons, right? And sometimes peaches and plums, and even pineapple and watermelons too!! I got hit with a pineapple and it was not full of positivity. Anyway, you all have been so great, hanging in there with me while I, dazed and slightly confused, try to get my Soulshine back and put some acceptance and comfort in my heart while I grieve the loss of my brother… and, ah. see… that’s not where I’m trying to go today, I’m sorry. I know I probably babble sometimes, and I’m sorry for that too, but writing always helps, so I just… write!


 OK. Stop the train!


This is my point, this is my lesson today, this is my reflection… Did you see what I did up there? In that paragraph? I was writing, then explaining, then justifying, then… apologizing!! (Shaking my head) Uh huh, NO MAMA!! Do not do this Tryst friends!! Do not apologize for who you are!!


 Today’s reflection is a good, important one. Do not apologize for who you are!!


 I cannot stress this enough!! First of all, this is my blog. Tryst is all mine. I own it. I am the author of it. I am the creator, the light, and the mastermind behind it. I love my community, so much!! Tryst wouldn’t be the same without all of you!! But it’s still my space to write and be me. So, no apologies here, just as all of you should always be proud of who you are and make no justifications for the things that make you you on your blogs, and in your lives too!!


 Always stand up tall. Each one of us is important and unique in our own ways, and we never need to say ‘Sorry’ for who we are!!


 Have a beautiful day!! ~ Jen


 Tryst Thought: Today, I am not sorry for who I am. I am proud of my self, my life, and the path that I am on.




  ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication





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