Illuminating Enchantment

This piece is Poetic Trio.
With the talented & wise Edward Hotspur, and the beautiful & lovely Miss Hastywords, and myself of Tryst
We each contributed five-line stanza’s at a time and collaborated our hearts, minds and souls. This piece, to me, represents passion & desire, magic & wonder, also elements & emotion. It is a little piece of each one of us.
A Poetic Trio written by Edward Hotspur, Hastywords & Think Speak Tryst
Illuminating Enchantment
I watched the stars dance
In the evening horizon tonight
The colors of light up in the sky
Illuminated my world
Bright like my new obsession
The moonlight reflects in your gaze
Amplifying our ravenous intensity
Electricity sparking amorously
Like a game of tag between you and me
These endless skies our judge, our jury
Sudden rustling branches
Gentle wind chilling thrilling
Across our tingling skin
Anticipating soft touches
Smiles lighting paths to doorways
Falling into pools of our emotion
Unspoken and in between, you and I
Drenched with pain and pleasure all the same
Craving the game
Remember this place, it calls our names
We sit hidden in the fading of the night
Silver showers raining from a black stage
Meteors catch our world on fire
And the heat burns in us a hotter desire
A passionate kiss kept sacred, forever ours
Stars and fireflies scatter the light
Outshined by the light between us
Coming from our eyes fixed on each other
The beauty, the pleasure of this single moment
Promises every moment will be as perfect
I am enchanted by your tempting aura
Everytime, our forbidden wishes
Fade away to miraculous realities
We have fallen again into the night
One more piece of our story is born
An eternal ritualistic dance sustained
And held tight in our never-ending embrace
Seasons come and go with the rotating globe
While we sit forever held, forever loved
Forever entwined together comfortably old
Written by Edward Hotspur, Hastywords & Think Speak Tryst
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©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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