Sharing Air ~ A Piece for my Husband

Sharing Air

A Piece for my Husband


It was easy for you

To catch my eye

After all these years

You are still the one


We can laugh and let go

Be serious and shy

You make me laugh

Harder than anyone else I know


Friends for fifteen years

Before we even fell in love

But once we did, that was it

We are in love, attached at the hip


You are the one

I think of in the morning

In the evening

And all day long


My best friend

My lover

My husband

You are all this and more


You are the one I run to

To talk, to cry, to yell or get mad

And you put up with me

No matter what I say or do


I know I can be a handful

You are no walk in the park yourself

But no one else in the world I’d rather

Stand by through and no matter what


I love your imperfections

Your masculinity and all

Your deep voice, your hairy chest

Your everything, I love it all!


The day we said our vows

Is the most special day for us

We made a promise to each other

To make it through anything rough


I know that you are my person

Know that I also belong to you

Hand in hand, we will be together

Jake, forever, I will love you

~ J. Lefever ~


For Jake, my wonderful husband

Since the day we first fell, our love has never been a question

I tried to explain it the best I could

I love you more every single day

You are the one I have always searched for…

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

12 responses to “Sharing Air ~ A Piece for my Husband

    • Well thank you, that is so kind! These are some of my fav pic’s of us! They are not all perfect, I’m not my most pretty in them, but they are natural and lovely. Love is captured when we are not looking at the camera, but looking at each other. That was why I picked these for this post. (Oh, and I am a lucky girl to have him too! ~J

    • Thanks Hotspur! This was so easy to write.. I mean, words flow out of me pretty easy, but when I write about Jake, it’s like putting icing on a cake! Sweet, simple & smooth.

      The pics I chose are some of my fav’s because they are not edited or perfect.. (well, 2 of them I played with on photoshop a little, but…) They are pics of us just being us.. I think that’s when you capture love in a photo, when emotion is seen. When you aren’t posing. I’m glad you liked it 🙂

      • I am very critical.. of my outside, just like my inside. (Most addicts are very critical of themselves.. addicts tend to be lacking in that area of confidence.. but I will tell you, the more clean time I have, the more my confidence is growing and shinning out of me! It’s a new feeling, but it feels so good! It fit’s me better than the sad, introvert that my addiction made me. I’m grateful for my sobriety today.. I can’t even tell you.. I am, real, alive, and I believe in myself)

        Thank you for your kindness.. You are a good friend!! ~ Jen

      • The pictures of you and your husband are like… how can I say… like real, raw, natural pictures that have been screened and photoshopped with love. That’s what makes them good.

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