I followed as you lead

Taking me down a strange path

Lost, foreign and unfamiliar it was

But I kept going, just like you said

With nothing to lose

As I leave nothing behind

Aware that I am fragile

Present without any armour

Practically blind

You spoke and I listened

Hung on every word

The wonderful promises

Every bit, I heard

I believed what you said

I trusted in you

Moving further along

On this journey with you

In just one second

A moment arrived

When I looked on forward

You had vanished, in time

Gone in thin air

Like you never existed

I called out for you

I stopped, and I listened

But you didn’t answer back

There I was, cheated, betrayed

Unable to believe

I should never have stayed

A cellophane friend, you

Never really were

I was tricked to believe

A mirage, just a blur

~ J. Lefever ~



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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