She didn’t speak
Not even a single word
The room became her stage

Mimicking the noise
Through her eyes
You can see her story

Leaving the pulse
Of the city behind
Reaching solitude somewhere else

Where the rain dances
And the wind sings
Things she never knew before

People are softer
Gentle are the gentlemen
Welcoming possibility in their voices

And through her eyes
She was a bit shy
Afraid to open her doors

Only in time
Does this fear begin to fade
Further was yesterdays damage

An aura of hope
Is her present charismatic way
Brilliant as she walks along

Walking the road
Which lead her this way
Standing before us in silence

She speaks

Once again
Only this time out loud
To tell her story through movement

She speaks

And we listen
To the truth she tells
Painting a picture of strength

She speaks

This time, and
She is heard
Each word becomes validated

She speaks

This is real
A life, a soul, a girl
It’s a lesson she is teaching
Lovingly speaking her verse

~ J. Lefever ~


 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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