Daily Reflection on Tryst (02/18/13)

Daily Reflection (02/18/13)

 Me & Mike

 The Wind of Change & Words of Wisdom of a Friend

 Off to a late start here Tryst! Sorry for the delay, but work has been busy this Monday morning in KC!! I stepped out of my house this morning and the air was nice, cool, but warm enough for a hoodie or a sweater. I like that kind of air!! The sky is gloomy though, and it’s just started to rain, which makes me wanna be home writing till my soul’s content. Oh, I wish, how I wish…

This morning I got a text message from a very dear friend of mine, someone who has been an important part of my life since I was just a young teenager girl, who knew nothing of the world but yearned to know everything. The wise words of Michal Fasone really got my mind thinking about things this morning, and at my request, he has allowed me to quote his wisdom here on my Tryst reflection..

“I can’t tell if I have changed and everything around me is the same, or if I’m the same and everything around me has changed” – Michal Fasone

As soon as I read those words, I thought, and then I read them again, and then I thought, and then I read them again. What a deep thing to say first thing in the morning. Michal and I have a really great friendship. We always have. He and I connect in a way that, is so unexplainable, even I can’t really find the right words. Time goes by, we each live our lives, but the paths of him and I always cross… and they have for over the last fourteen years. I have shared laughter with him, and tears too. We have travelled together and run all over this city of ours, making memories as we go. I know the things he goes through, and he knows my battles as well as my victories. And with the subject of change, shit, I have been there. My life has changed more in the last 12 months than any other time in my life. I know the discomfort of change. Change that is forced, that is.

I told him last night, that change is always uncomfortable. Especially forced change. When things happen in life, and it forces our lives to make different routines and patterns, we are always a little, if not a whole lot, sad, pissed off, mad, depressed, angry, resentful, and so on. Who said I wanted this change anyway!! When forced to do anything we don’t want to do, we naturally don’t like it. Change is tough.

Eventually, we digest the changes, and life starts to balance out a little. We reach out to friends and family and try to make new habits, or routines, and life goes on. Right? Life always goes on.

Changes mark the end of something. But with every end, there is also a beginning. And beginnings can mean a whole world of new things and possibilities. We get so stuck in the discomfort of the change that we aren’t even aware of all the possibilities that come with the new beginning, the fresh start. After last year came to an end, I was writing on Tryst about these things, like change, and fresh starts, new beginnings. I was desperately trying to be positive about moving forward and passed last years tragic events. Talk about a change… I’m having to adjust to being my parents only child, granted I’m not a child, but we lost Dave, my brother, their son… this is a forced change that will be the most difficult to endure, I’m sure. This forced change brings up all of those emotions I mentioned above, sadness, anger, etc. So with the new year, I wrote and wrote about starting fresh and being open and aware of my possibilities.

This is the advice I am trying to pass along here. To my friend Michal, who is one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had, one of the most beautiful spirits I have ever had the gift of knowing, keep your precious eyes open. What lies ahead of you, no one knows, but I know who you are, and wonderful things happen to wonderful people. It’s just the way it is. Sometimes, it takes a little longer for things to fall into place, but they will.

Remember, when one door closes, another opens!! This is so true..

Patience is a hard thing to have sometimes. We want, what we want, when we want it!! Why not, right? But life doesn’t work like that for us. So hang in there… it’s all gonna be OK!!

Pain is immeasurable. No one’s pain is greater or worse than someone elses. You are allowed to feel what you are feeling. And what comes from pain is strength.

Today, Tryst friends, if you are going through a change, or some big changes, go easy on yourself. Adjust smoothly to them, and don’t get overwhelmed!! One day, after you have moved passed the change, you will wake up and think, ‘was I really freakin out like that’!!

I wish you all a beautiful Monday!! ~ Jen

Tryst Thought: Today I learned something new about a good friend of mine. I saw another piece of his spirit that was truly amazing. I have much gratitude for having him in my life, I am blessed to call him my friend. His few words touched me in such a deep, inspirational way… And because of him, I get to share his wise words!! Thanks Mike.. you know I love you dearly!! ~J


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