Evening Reflection on Trystღ (02/17/13)

Evening Reflection (02/17/13)


 Obsessive Compulsive, or just Consistent?

 Evening Tryst. What’s going on? I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine, well, mine was bo-ooo-ring!! I worked six days this week, fifty some hours, so that included work on Saturday, so my weekend was, um, just today… which I spent in a coma most of the day. Yes, I needed mucho-beauty-rest, which I can say, check! I got that! I had a very un-eventful day, resting and vegging out with my hubby, and the weekend it over. (sigh)


Because I was comatose all day, I didn’t reflect much, and I didn’t bring my reflectiveness to you, Tryst, and you know that I don’t like to neglect you, or Tryst for that matter. I thought to myself, ever since I started providing Tryst Reflections, I have not missed one single day! I reflect everyday, sometimes twice with my evening reflections. I thought, since I’ve never missed a day since I started, it would be OK to have one day off from reflecting.


That’s when my OCD to write, and stick to my normal routine started eating away at my little heart and mind.


So here I am. This Sunday night in February, writing to you, to tell you that it’s OK to take a day off!! I’m always saying that it’s good to be ‘outside’ the box from time to time. Step outside and do something different. I’m not saying completely change things, nothing drastic, but be different from time to time!! This, obviously, I will apply to something else. (giggling) Not my reflections b/c I really like that, no matter what, you can always count on a Tryst Thought, or Reflection, being in your in boxes, whether you read them or not, it’s there for you!! Typed up with much love and thoughtfulness, and sent just for you!!

Take a day off!!


It’s OK to take a detour from your norm!!


Have a great night Tryst.. I’ll talk to you tomorrow!! ~ Jen

Tryst Thought: In my opinion, there are good things that come from being obsessive compulsive, and consistent!! Word..



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