Fuck You ~ A Comparison Piece

Fuck You

A Comparison Piece on Love

Another take on Love, something that is not love at all, a misunderstanding.


 When I

Think of the ways

Love is supposed to be

I realize

It’s not as beautiful

Not the way love should be

Your words

Cold, harsh, cruel

They slice through me

You throw words

That burn inside my heart

One after another

I sit here

Choking back

Tears and anger, this tears us apart

When did time

Bring us to this place

I cry alone, so you can’t see

The vulnerable

Sensitive and sadness

You have given to me

I wonder if

You find joy

In hurting me like this

As the words

Keep coming

Stabbing me senseless

Yet, here I sit

Crumbling alone

Allowing you to continue the madness

Your words hurt

Much more than a punch

Leaving permanent scars inside

You turn to me

Wondering why

So often I run and hide

~ J. Lefever ~


This piece was written about me, yes, once upon a time, I was in this very kind of situation. I am not the only one, who has been through this kind of misunderstood love. I think that many women can say, that they have stayed in a place too long. Knowing inside that their heart was breaking, that they were too good, too kind, too forgiving for being treated this way. There is no excuse for this kind of shit. Stand up tall, and say ‘fuck you’, knowing you deserve so much better than this.

This is not what love is, or what it looks like for me today. My love is the greatest love and has taught me so much. To have been through what is written above, has made me appreciate my marriage so much. I know the difference between ‘love’ and being ‘in-love’ and even deeper than that, being ‘in-love’ with the idea of being ‘in-love’.

Love cannot be forced. It cannot be controlled. Your heart loves who it loves. But you can control your life, and your choices. Today, I make the choice to not have forced, misunderstood love. When the last thing I was looking for was love, that was when love came and found me… When it was ready to be found. Only then was I able to say that I have love, for real.

Reference my piece for Romantic Monday, YOU, to see what love is like for me today.


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