You ~ A Romantic Monday Piece


A Romantic Monday Piece


How do I

Put into words

Something that is



How do I

Explain something

That I

Don’t understand



Your eyes

Your smell, your voice

The touch of your hand


Everything bad

Fades away

When you hold me

In your arms


I watch you

While you’re sleeping

And I smile at the comfort

In your rhythmic breath


We become

The same, unity

Spirits unite

In moments behind closed doors


My person

My souls mate

My parallel heart

My romance

My reason

My air

My strength

My companion

My everything


The one, forever, I do.

~ J. Lefever ~


This piece is dedicated to my husband. Through our up’s and down’s, through our battles, through our victories… We have never let go. You never stop holding my hand, you try harder everyday, to be an even better man, you have been humble, and have been proud, you have stood by me through my toughest year, through every tear, yet… you never let go.

No matter what anyone says, I know who you are, who you try to be, who you are becoming, you… I have seen your heart, and I know your soul, you… to this day, till ever after, you… the one, forever, I do.

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication Speak

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