Daily Reflection on Trystღ (02/22/13)

Daily Reflection (02/22/13)


The Road to Respect, Just a Little Bit…

 Afternoon Tryst!!! How does the day find you? All good, I hope!! The city is madness!! We are shoveling out our lives from underneath two feel of packed snow!! My husband and I didn’t leave the house yesterday, like many others, who made the choice to not even chance wrecking out cars. So, venturing out today was quite the hassle!!

My husband drives a truck for work, so we left his car in our garage. I have a 4 door, front wheel drive, that gets around quite well in the snow. However, due to the massive amount of snow that KC is covered in, thank you snowpalooza, even it got stuck, trying to get out of the neighborhood and had to be pushed and shoveled out!! Yes, it’s been quite the scene in the city today!! There are cars that are packed and covered in snow, left abandon on the highway shoulders. I haven’t seen snow like this in this city for many many years… not since I was a kid!! Work is slow, I’m sure most businesses are. Jake, my husband, went by my favorite bakery this afternoon to get me some cup cakes, and they were closed!! Bummer!! Cup cakes from Sugar Mama’s bakery are the absolute best!! No cup cakes for me today… (insert sad face)

I was talking with a blogging friend today, and the subject of respect came up. We were talking about humility and strength, referencing addictions, and I made a good point about respect. I thought it was worthy of sharing and making my Tryst reflection today.

When a person truly respects themselves, others will respect them too.

This is so true. Think about it… Makes sense, doesn’t it? How many of us have had a situation in our lives, or gone through a phase, or even just gone out and done something that showed little, or zero, respect for ourselves? Yes, we are all guilty of making mistakes and doing stupid things. It’s ok, you don’t need to admit it, I already know… wink 🙂 (Please don’t feel bad.. this includes me too!! And I am completely aware of this reality!!)

My point is this: you ever hear phrases like, ‘You are what you eat?’ or ‘If you talk the talk, you better walk the walk!!’

These are true and valid pieces of advice!! Apply this to showing yourself respect. Am I what I eat? Well, when I show myself respect by doing the things I say that I’m going to do, or standing firm in my ideas and values and not changing them to fit the different social molds depending on where I am, or by setting boundaries for myself and sticking with them, these are all ways to give yourself respect. When you are walking this walk, others will too. You are leading the way, showing pride and self-respect, and others will too.

If you do the opposite of this, people won’t respect you. How do you expect to have the respect of others, if you yourself don’t even respect you?

Something to think about today…

Do I really have respect for myself?

If I want others to respect me, then I must respect myself first!!

Have some respect baby!! And, Have a super great rest of your day Tryst!! ~ Jen

Tryst Thought: Don’t expect others to give you things that you don’t give yourself first.


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