Our Parallel Souls


A Poetic Duet, written on the true beauty of friendship & the unbreakable bond between two kindred spirits.

Friendship is such a gift. It cannot be bought, it cannot be borrowed. Friendship cannot be forced, or faked. When two people have friendship, there is a love between them that is something to honor and nurture… You can’t predict life, you never know what’s going to happen. I never expected to find what I found in Miss Hasty, but she is a true friend. Life has crossed our paths, and here we are, building something great, reminding the world that good people are out there, and you never know when an angel will show up in your life!


This piece is about the friendship between Hasty & Tryst

 Our Parallel Souls


Watching my life

Like a slide show

Each frame passing me by

I sit beside you, you are always there

Helping to pick up my pieces


I see your face next to mine

Always smiling, always carefree

Time flew so fast with you by my side

I sit looking fondly at my life

Memories of you and me


I’ve crossed paths with so many

My life has brought me many souls

You were different, beautifully unique

Our chemistry meshed so well

I feel so connected with each word we speak


Most things went unspoken

But heard loud and clear

Our gift was felt without a touch

It was eternal and beautifully clear


The very presence of you

By my side and holding my hand

Completes me in the most wonderful way

Never could I replace the essence of you


You’re timeless, precious, in all that you say

Thank you for your simple beauty

That colors my each and every day

Thank you for being the one

I can count on in each and every way


You’re brilliant, genuine and walking kindness

You bring out the better inside of me

You are the reason for this song

I cherish your truth and your beautiful heart

Our friendship is real and unbreakable

When we are side by side or when we’re apart


 I know that no matter which road I take

Or how far away I may wander on my own

You will always be just a phone call away

Lifting me up, setting me straight, helping me

My eyes for me when all I see is black


When something as true and beautiful as you

Comes along, and together our bond is unbreakable

I am reminded that there are truly remarkable souls in this world

The magic of our connection

The love in our chemistry

The truth we speak, and

The honor we share as friends

I will be here for you, forever in time, until the very end!!

I love you dear friend!!


Written by Hastywords & Tryst

See this on Hastywords by following link


Visit Hastywords by following the link provided to read more of her wonderful poetry, see for yourself a truly wonderful soul~


©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication



40 responses to “Our Parallel Souls

        • Awe, I think so too. Like I told Neeraj, life gives its gifts on life’s terms. You never know when you are going to cross paths with someone who will move you in ways like never before, or be the kindness and love you need.. These things seem to come when you’re not looking, you know..?

                • Oh my gosh.. Me too!! It took me years to get honest with myself about so many things. I was a bad case of denial for a handful of years! When I was struggling in my addiction and failing misreably at recovery.. Humulity is what I had to wrap my head around, big time. Looking inside myself, and understanding that I had to make changes. When I began to respect myself, others began to show me respect as well. Things began to fall into place in my life and sobriety was then possible as a result of the internal honesty. With that, came wonderful people too!! Like you, connecting with people here in Tryst world.. I really have some awesome people here that I care about so much. It’s funny how easy things become in life when you’re honest.

                  • How fantastic!
                    Strong of you, woman, to challenge such a disease, as addiction.
                    I’m even happier that it didn’t seem to turn you into a very unlikeable person, like other people I have known who are recovering addicts.
                    You not only challenged the disease, but you took on yourself. I’m sure that was key in your turnaround, yes?

                    • I learned so much through all of this. It took a very long time for me to even admit I was an addict because I am a strong woman and it was hard for me to realize and admit that I had this weakness. But addiction doesn’t discriminate. We don’t choose to have this disease. It starts small, but is progressive and if it is not arrested, it can become out of control. Mine was this way. Started with pills perscribed from my doctor… I won’t get all into it, but yes, I took it on myself. Hard work, and it continues to be everyday. I love who I am, though, and because of these falls and personal sufferings, I am such an open-minded person who appreciates my life very much. Knowing what it feels like to fail, fall down, be alone, and really struggle, then get through it and rise up on the other side, I appreciate and value life so much. If anything, I learned so much and it made me a better person, I think…

                    • 🙂

                      It was hard for me to accept my then-partner’s actions because I had no idea about his thoughts or what recovery (detox) felt like.
                      Now I know the importance that listening has. Listen and learn. Communication….complete open communication had paved the way for an effortless relationship.
                      But that’s another story for another day. 😉

                    • You are so right!! That is one of the things that my husband and I are great at, communicating. And it makes for a great marriage!! He and I both have been in relationships where there was little, or no, or dishonest communication, and those were not good relationships. Of course, all relationships are the wrong ones until you find the one that is so perfect and right!! But you make a very wise point, communication does make for an effortless union of two people!!

                    • I love hearing that!! I am such a sucker for happy endings and love.. (As I am living a couple happy endings of my own..) I’m glad to hear you are blessed with these things, I’m sure you deserve them all and more!!

                    • Almost two years of him waiting…..waiting for me to trust and let down my guard. The bet part is that he analyzed and remembered everything through the entire dating process. Like “footnotes”.
                      Now that things are moving along nicely, and my heart is completely open to him, I feel I’m confident I’m marrying someone who knows me better than I know myself, at times.

                    • Yes, I know what that feels like!! Jake, my hubby, still surprises me sometimes when he proves that he knows me better than I know myself!! What makes my marriage thrive, is our friendship. We have great romance and intimacy, but we are also best friends. People can’t be romantic 100% of the time, right? You gotta be able to laugh and have fun too. We have great friendship, My hubbs is my best friend in the whole world!! I love that I married my best friend!!

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