The Game

The Game

Nothing in common
But we are
In common all the same.
I share an unspoken song
A soft song with you
You, timid and shy
I never knew why,
Approaching with care
Stubborn to those who
I see mirrored in you
Someone I once knew.
Common are our battles
Battles we choose
Sex, drugs, or lies
The same, whatever we
Are we the same?
Through distance we may never
Are we the same?
I believe
More than we have ever
You and me alike as we
Seeing self staring back,
It is just us.
So much the same
Yet we keep up this game
Paths crossed, why?
I do not know…
Time we have  shared
You and I
Have grown.
So much the same
So much in common
Mirrors reflecting
What we have created between
You and I
Said “hello” to the idea of you
And me…
Patient for now
You are me somehow
So far I could throw
As I watch myself grow
Tree springs into life
Relaxing afternoon,
Relaxing April, as
May comes soon.
Silent wind,
Rustling trees
Loud movement
Quite, breathe…
Nothing in common
Nothing the same
Yet, you and I play the very same
~~ J Lefever ~~
This piece was written in a moment of my life where it told a story, much the same as any today…
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

11 responses to “The Game

    • Oh sheesh.. it does? It was once the story of mine… or is it still… life is so crazy. History really does repeat itself. Think about it… it really does. But what can we learn, change, improve upon… those are the things that I like to become aware of… How I can grow as a woman, so when life repeats, I can handle things better than before! XoXo

      • yeah it seems like each one of us have some part that brings us together…we need to drive strength from times that were good so that we can tolerate those that are bad and smile and travel mile 🙂

    • Oh, thanks D.. I was trying to get a point accross, that two people, so much the same, play these love games with each other, but accuse and point fingers at the other, never at themselves, taking no responsibility for their part in the relationship.. I could have done better, I think, but this is what came out! 🙂

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