Evening Reflection on Trystღ (02/23/13)

Evening Reflection (02/23/13)


Looking at the World

 Hey hey to you!! Has anyone seen the moon tonight? It is quite brilliant and full here in my sky!! Is it in yours as well?? I hope so because it is just breathtaking!! On that note, has anyone heard the superstition, or fact, whatever, that more crime happens on a full moon, or that a full moon can tend to be unlucky? Well, I have heard these whisperings, these rumors, and I must admit, they scare me a little. I happen to love the moon. I love the stars. I love anything in the sky!! I am a free spirit who loves the earth, the elements, and all things green!! For someone to tell me that something so utterly amazing, beautiful and breathtaking is unlucky, well it crushes me a little. I don’t know if I believe it, but every time the moon is full, I think of these things. I even heard, through my stars and astrology family, that we are going to have a blue moon soon!! Which will be extra special to see!! Not often do we get a blue moon in our midnight sky!! Something to look forward too… I’ll keep you posted… And informed if you don’t know what a blue moon is 🙂

I was up early this morning. Which is a nice change from my sleeping-till-noon habitual behavior I’ve been working on these last few weeks. Ugh) Well anyway, I was up, and I got in my car and took a drive. I drove to Headrush, my fav spot to get my daily fix of Iced Chai, which is BOMB there!! Then I drove downtown, which is about 5 min across the Broadway Bridge. The city was quiet, still and really pretty this morning. I actually, despite my recent crappy attitude, enjoyed this place I call home today. I posted a tweet saying ‘Good Morning’ to the ‘blue & white’ city, because, that’s what it looked like. Clear, cloudless blue sky, with thick, white, frozen snow everywhere… really quite pretty. I tried to take a picture, but it did not quite capture the gorgeousness of what my eyes were seeing… no justice… none at all…

Tonight, I sit here and think about the extraordinary beauty that is all around us!! What an amazing place we live in!! Where ever you are, where ever life takes you, what ever life shows you, look at it… I mean, really look at it. What ever you are seeing, where ever you are, at that very moment, is exactly where you should be, seeing exactly what you are supposed to be seeing… Take a minute to let that soak in, read those last words twice if you need to, to really get what I’m trying to say…

We live in a beautiful place!! What are you seeing in your world right now that just takes your breath away?

Have a great Saturday night Tryst Fam!! ~ Jen


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