Have This Wish…


Have This Wish…

I see you
Shinning bright in my sky
Up above us all
Each & every night
Glittering in the dark
Enticing us to wish
Us loving the thought
You’ll grant our wish list
I see you
Sparkling bright tonight
Glimmers of hope
For something, anything
Little are our souls
Running around our crazy lives
Into this moment
With you in sight
Looking up, asking you
To have my wish
I wish… tonight

~ J. Lefever ~


©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

8 responses to “Have This Wish…

    • Oh me too!! I got some really great new pic/images to use on Tryst of the moon!! Just waiting for the right words to put them with… I am very moved by the moon, by the things of the world. It connects me spiritually, more than anything. That’s why I suffocate so much here. I need mountains, or the ocean. I’m tellin you, dear friend, You will be visiting me in Miami one day because I’m moving to South Florida!! XO

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