A Poetic Duet written by A Shade Of Pen & Think Speak Tryst
This is a piece of moving forward, facing the past, and leaving it behind. This is a piece on acceptance & strength, facing fear and showing peace inside the very soul.
 The sound of my own mistake
Haunts me in my dream
I do not know how to undo the past
And every day kills a new part of me
Echoing off my fortress walls
The music of my demise
Desperate to cleanse my soul of these
Haunting dreams inside my mind
Tired of the agonizing pain
I slowly shut my eyes
And yet the thumping reverberation of horror
Kills the very beat of my heart
Fallen down on bleeding knee
Dirty hands, can’t you see
Wash me clean of all my shame
Please forgive my evil name
I want to erase the horrendous past
Maybe you can look deep inside my soul
Because underneath the broken mess
Lives the girl with the golden heart
Look past the mistake, for it’s not me
I am not what I’ve done
Sometimes in life, we feel regret
I pray beneath the sun
I wish the morning wonder-light
Breathes a new ray of hope
Slowly the nightmare gets replaced
With memories of the perfect moments
In a moment’s time
The world falls silent
A hush to hear my prayer & promise
As I walk on to tomorrow
Written by A Shade Of Pen & Tryst
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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