Chicken & Waffles Gone Wrong


Chicken and Waffles gone Wrong

 Last fall, I was busy thinking of the next best thing to happen to a potato chip. Lays had advertised that they were giving away a million dollars to the person who came up with the next best chip flavor. Being that I’m an ACF Certified Chef, I thought I had a bit of an advantage. Although not to be on my pedestal, there are thousands of great Chefs all over this country, as well as millions of Americans who are fully capable of creating a flavor combination to rock our taste buds!! Regardless, I was for sure going to get to the drawing board and submit something… that million sounded pretty good!!

Lays teamed up with Facebook to do the flavor submitting. All you had to do was click on the link, submit your flavor, and Lays would know who it came from via your FB page. Simple. I submitted three flavors: 1. Cheese Ravioli 2. Shrimp Etouffe, and ya ready, for my golden, for sure to win flavor, 3. Philly Cheese Steak.

I thought, a chip that tastes like the classic Philly Sandwich, which, if you’ve ever been to Philly, knows the pure deliciousness of this classic creation two slices of bread has ever seen!! Who doesn’t love a Philly? I was very confident in my flavor choices, especially this Philly one…

Lays was to announce the three top winners in February of 2013, drum roll, here we are!! It’s February and the three top/winning chip flavors are here!! These came to me as a bit of a surprise….

I cannot tell you that I am the fortunate winner of this contest. No, sadly my Philly chip didn’t take home the gold, or the silver, or bronze either!! But that’s ok!! I’ll tell you what flavors did win: 1. Sriracha 2. Garlic Cheesy Bread, and, ya ready for this, 3. Chicken & Waffles.

Chicken and Waffles is a plate creation that is known coast to coast. I believe Roscoe’s in LA was the one to give credit to, for putting this crazy combination on a plate together. But needless to say, most American’s are aware of Chicken & Waffles, and if you’re not, take a trip downtown, to the hood, and find you a little ghetto joint that serves it up right. Chicken & Waffles is good, we have some great ‘hood’ places here to get you some… but on a chip… (Shaking my head) I don’t think so…

The chip itself tastes, well, god awful!! It’s so terrible that one chip is enough to have your mind made up!! You will never go back for a second!! Yes, they are that bad!! I want to know what the hell Lays is thinking mass producing this chip? What? Cause it sounds good? Or crazy? Or people swill buy it cause it’s so crazy? Well, maybe. But that will be all!! One chip is all it takes!! I swear, you won’t want another!! The taste is so bad I can’t even put it into words… just bad…

Two things: Please understand that I’m not a sorry loser. My Philly chip didn’t win, although I think it would have been delicious, but that’s ok. As a Chef, we are used to having somethings go under the radar, I mean, not everything I create is gonna create fireworks!! (Most things maybe, but not everything..) 🙂

And, this terrible chip gives Chicken & Waffles a really bad name. For anyone who hasn’t had a plate of Chicken & waffles, don’t cross it off your ‘things to try’ list, because it is actually good!! Don’t let this chip abomination fool you!!

Bad job Lays.. Bad job!!

J. Lefever


Oh, and yes, I’m a little tearful that I didn’t win that cool mill, but, I figure there is a reason for everything… My Philly Chip just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe next time..


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17 responses to “Chicken & Waffles Gone Wrong

    • Omg they are terrible!! Have you had one? Cause I know if you had the chance to try them, you didn’t make it passed one!!

      Yes, I’m a Chef. 16 years in industry. I’m currently not a working Chef. Which means I’m Jakes personal Chef.. he loves it… spoiled man of mine!! I’m professionally trained, with certification recognized world wide (ACF) and I hold a college degree in Culinary Arts. 🙂

  1. Holy crap – we just bought a bag of those today, and they are horrible. Just godawful. We got the Sriracha, and those are pretty good. Cheesy Garlic…. I mean, why? So I’m looking forward to Sriracha winning, and the Chicken and Waffles chips bag probably being thrown away. No one likes them. No one. No one on earth. They were like the William Hung of this chip competition.

    Do not eat them. Just don’t.

    • (Literally laughing out loud!!!!!!) I don’t normally laugh out loud, but when I type the LOL, I’m a laughin!! You are so right!! We concure!! I’m so glad to hear you say this Hotspur!! If you told me that you liked them, then I’d start to worry about you!! They are terrible, huh!! Definately the Hung of the chip comp.!! My Philly chips should have won!! You’d eat a Philly cheese steak chip, right? (trying to boost my chip flavor ego here… 🙂

      • I think pringles makes a cinnimon chip, and they taste funny too, I think… nut just funny, as in, a little off… The Chicken & Waffle chips are just nasty!! Lets think about this, take the waffle away, and you got a chicken flavored chip. Who wants a potato to taste like chicken? Chicken chips sound bad, add waffle and it’s really really bad!!

        Bacon chip? You make have something here!! I think, though, Lays has a BLT chip… if I’m not mistaken..

  2. Hey, at least you took a shot at it.
    I was in England a few years ago and saw abominations like surf and turf potato chips and something to do with shrimp.

    Some chip flavorings are just wrong.

    • Oh my gosh, no… Have you ever heard of some of the Jelly Bean flavors? Well, they are so off-the-wall gross, I won’t even type them b/c you will think I’m crazy. Google it!! Jelly Belly Bean flavors… then get back to me!! 🙂

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