Daily Reflection on Tryst (02/26/13)

Daily Reflection (02/26/13)


White Abyss

Good Morning my Tryst companions!! Would ya believe me if I told you I’m literally snowed in? Would you believe me if I told you that I swear I went to bed last night in the Midwest, but woke up in Alaska? Or maybe the Ice Age? Or maybe Hell froze over!!! I could bundle up and strap myself to my snowboard and take that to get to work, but I figured, why chance it? No one is out of their homes here!! We are all trapped in our warm & cozy homes, with our 20 loaves of bread that we got last night as a result of the victory of the verbal, and some physical, fights that went down in the stores & markets!! Here we are with another entire day to ourselves, with this white abyss all around us!! (And, it’s still snowing!! It hasn’t stopped yet…)

I’m watching the news, have been since 7 am. I’m hearing reports of power outages, something like 9200 people without power. Trees have collapsed with the weight of snow in people’s yards. Highways have literally shut down!! This is worse than last week because all the snow that fell last week was still here. It didn’t melt away, any of it!! So, this snow fall came, and just added to the inches we already had, making our entire city covered in three, four, five feet of snow in some places!! We have snow banks, and walls of snow, snow mountains due to the few successful attempts at plowing which are on the sides of neighborhood streets and highways. It’s crazy here!!

My husband is attempting to leave, go out and brave this madness and do some plowing. (We have some equipment) But I think he’s crazy!! I mean, the snow is still falling, why not wait to shovel and plow when the snow at least stops? I know how stubborn men can be, no offense to the men out there, but when they have their minds made up, there’s not much that can change it. Right? So I gotta go make sure my hubby has dressed warm enough and make him a coffee to take into the white abyss… (shaking my head)

Am I supposed to be reflecting.. oh, yes, right!! Well, I’m pretty much completely focused on the weather here right now… I guess what is important to stress here this morning is thinking wisely. Making good decisions in situations like this can help to NOT complicate your life. Like, don’t get out and drive anywhere right now. There is no where that is that pressing to be. (Well, except for extenuating circumstances, like a woman going into labor, or something.. Hopefully that’s not happening anywhere)

I just want to say to all in severe weather conditions, be safe, think clearly, and rationally!!

As for me, I have lots of things to do today around the house. I’m going to start by preparing a rack of ribs, rub them with my dry rub, and throw them in the oven to roast on low temp, all day, so they are fall off the bone tender for dinner!! Yum.. Jake will love that!!

Where ever you are in the world, Tryst Family, I hope your day is fabulous & fantastic!!

Hugs & Snow from the Midwest!!! ~ Jen

Tryst Thought: It has been years since I’ve made a snow man… The last person I did that with was my little brother… I think I’ll keep it that way. (Love you Dave. Miss you Dave)


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11 responses to “Daily Reflection on Tryst (02/26/13)

  1. “I know how stubborn men can be, no offense to the men out there, but when they have their minds made up, there’s not much that can change it.”

    I know all too many women who are the same way.

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