Face in the Water

What an honor and a joy to write with such a beautiful, poetic soul as my sweet friend Alex. This is our first written piece together, but we have been exchanging words for some time now. I am blessed to have crossed paths with Alex, not only is he a fantastic writer, but he is a wonderful friend to connect with. Be sure to stop by his site FROM THE DARK and see for yourself his wonderful writing.

A poetic Duet written by Alexander Hicks & Think Speak Tryst


Face in the Water


On a warm sunny day

I walked to the pier

Where I last saw my reflection
In the waters, in my fear

The person I saw
Was not myself
It was not my reflection
It was something else
I stared for a while
In disbelief
When you came along
And started to speak
You started to speak
Of things come and past
And I knew this exchange
Could very well be my last
I listen intentively
Your words like a song
Teaching me your wisdom’s
It has been so long
I found a strange comfort
In the stories you told
Of the heroes and villains
Of the young and the old
Your tales of bravery
Of strength & overcoming pain
Scars of your victories
Your tears turn to rain

As your tears began to fall

I had to wipe away my own

Knowing that my reflection
Is just myself when I’m alone


Written by Alex Hicks & Tryst

See Face in the Water by Alex by following the link


©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication




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