You wear a mask
It covers your face
You hide from the light
From a truth that is fear
Dancing as you may
In this costume you wear
Knowing all along
That your hiding from fear
Is this reality
That you find yourself running from
Better left in hiding
Behind your colorful embellishments
Others may not see
Believe the trick you play
But those who know you
See right through your masquerade
Fool me today
Yes, maybe this is so
But the day will come
When trust is as far as I can throw
This moment will catch
You completely blind
For you are standing
Trying to rewind
All those close to you
Will see your mask fall
They will watch the lights fade
You will be without your walls
The little lie that you
Told to hide the truth
Becomes a huge parade
Of all that’s really you
In the end of this story
What is gained in the masquerade
Nothing to make you better
Total loss is the price you paid
~ J. Lefever ~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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