Shine Bright ~ Shine On Shinning

Shine Bright Like A Diamond ~

Shine On Blogging Award


It is always so wonderful when you put your heart & soul into your work & things that you are passionate about, and a moment arrives when you are recognized by another heart & soul for just being you. When I first started Tryst, I was a virgin blogger. I was so brand new to this world when I met WordPress, but as soon as I started working with it, building Tryst into my own place to escape and be me, be free, and share my spirit with the world, needless to say, it was love at first post!!

Since then, Tryst has grown a little bit everyday, as have I. I have been writing for as long as I can remember and I cannot picture my life without this freedom, this emotional outlet, without my ability to share my life, my dreams, my wisdom’s, my poetry, my spirit, heart and soul with all of you. Tryst is so much a part of me and my heart now, it has made my spirit feel complete.

Tryst would not be the same without all of you, my Tryst friends, my Tryst family, the Tryst community that is Tryst!! Tryst is me, Tryst is all of you!! I have a deep appreciation, a kindred love and a shared connection with each one of you!!

Life takes us down many roads. We go up, we go down. We go through so many different phases in our lives, and for my path, the road that I have been on most recent, has been more challenging than other moments, other roads, in my life. I want to thank TwinDaddy, with the up-most sincerity, for not only connecting with me, becoming a part of my Tryst Family, for sharing moments and words of kindness, humor and support for all the things I have written about and shared, for the Tryst Fiction, Tryst Journals, Tryst Stories and all things Tryst which make up the pieces of my soul.

TwinDaddy is the author of his fantastically funny, smart, wise and creative StuphBlog. He is a writer that I look up to, admire and strive to improve through my writing experiences with him in my life, as a part of Tryst. You must cruise over to see his excellent work, his timeless Stuph, on StuphBlog, if you haven’t already!!

In the grand tradition of Blog Awards, there comes a set of award rules. They are as follows:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you

2. Nominate fifteen bloggers who shine a little light in your day and be sure to notify them.

3. Share some facts about yourself or answer the questions given to you.

I have linked back to the wonderful and amazing TwinDaddy above, but I too, just like you TwinDaddy, like to surpass the linking expectations, so I’ll link you up again here… for anyone who missed you above and is too lazy to scroll back!!

Now it’s my turn to nominate my 15 blogger’s who have shinned some light on me, or shinned some light on Tryst, or who have shinned some light in any kind of wonderful way!! Congratulations to these 15 people for whom I now give this Shinning Award to:

1. Hastywords

2. A Shade Of Pen

3. Edward Hotspur

4. Shackled & Crowned

5. Whimsy Mimsy

6. Alex on FROM THE DARK

7. Written Words Never Die

8. Lady or Not… Here I Come

9. Luggage Lady

10. Deana on MY THOUGHTS

11. Memoirs Of A Dragon

12. Literary Land Of Alysia

13. The Reclining Gentleman

14. Lacie Jay

15. Cliterary Review

There are a few bloggers listed above who have shinned more light on me than some of the others. Sometimes you just connect in closer ways with others, or others take more of their time to get to know you. For those bloggers, I hope you know who you are, thank you for the awesome friendships we are building!! You have a place in my heart…

Also, these are not listed in any kind of order. It’s just my list of 15… Someone had to be first, someone had to be last… It’s just the way it happened. These are all fantastic blogs and great writers who ALL deserve this recognition!!

Now, it’s the fun part where I share some facts about myself or answer the questions that TwinDaddy sent to me. I will go with the questions because I feel like I already share a lot, a lot you know if you read Tryst you will learn many things about me!! Here goes…

1. Who is your favorite comedian, and why? Well, I have a few favorites and in different genres but the one that makes me laugh the hardest is Chris Rock. Why, because he makes me laugh so hard I fall out of my seat!!

OMG. I should have read through these first.. I didn’t and now I’m regretting it a little… (thanks TD!!)

2. This question is something about holding a fart but it turns into a shart.. what do I do? Well, proof read any questionnaires before committing to them. As for this, situation, if this actually happened to me, which it never ever would, I’d run really fast in utter embarrassment to the nearest, where ever, to fix my problem or get home. Yep. Moving on… 🙂

3. Did you watch the Academy Awards? Why, why not? I watch them every year. This year, I did not. I was lost in Tryst world, writing my little soul away and my husband, who could careless about Hollywood was watching a movie. I did watch the Red Carpet pre show to see all the fashion though. I love that part!!!

4. If I could have any person, alive or dead, guest post on my blog, who would it be? I have two answers for this one. I have one person who is long dead that I’d love to guest post on Tryst and that is Edgar Allen Poe. I also would absolutely love for Chelsea Handler guest post, she is my other choice, because she is hilarious, (another fav comedian), and her books are down right the funniest books ever!! I love me some Chelsea!! So, yea, Poe & Handler are my ideal guest choices.

5. I’m standing here, minding my own business, when suddenly I feel my pants fall down to my ankles!! I’ve been de-pantsed!! What do I do to get the person back? Well, I’d start my pulling up my pants, hoping I had my cute, lacie undies on that day, so I could turn around and run as fast as I can to chase this de-pantsing pervert down!! I would catch up to him because I’m 6′ feel tall and a fast runner! When I got him/her down on the ground I’d give him a wedgie, a wet willy, and probably some other slightly painful, rather annoying, and publically embarrassing things to him/her!!

For my 15 winners of this Shinny, Shine On Award, feel free to share facts about yourself or answer these 5 questions above from TwinDaddy, or you can answer these 5 questions from me, from Tryst:

1. If you were in a band, what instrument would you play?

2. Tell about one time when you were embarrassed in public, short version.

3. What inspires you the most? A movie, a book, a friend, a hero?

4. On that note, name one of your hero’s and tell us why you admire them.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where?

Is there anything else? Have I forgotten anything…. Hummm, I don’t think so. Oh, well just one more note:

In accepting this ‘Shine On’ Award, I just want to thank you all again. I wouldn’t be Tryst without you!! From the deepest place in my heart, writing is such a part of me, and sharing my passion of writing and self-expression is literally a shinning light in my life, so this particular award seems quite fitting!! Thank you again, all of you, and especially TwinDaddy!!


23 responses to “Shine Bright ~ Shine On Shinning

  1. I literally I’m dying of laughter here at the proofreading comment. Hilarious.
    Congrats, Jen. You deserve it. You’re a very talented writer and I’m really looking forward to some more of you fiction.

    • Really? I made you laugh? Comedy is where I struggle the most, I think, but I love laughter (as we were saying before) I seriously admire you for being so great at making me laugh!! Thank you for this.. you have made my day!! 🙂

    • If I edited my post, with links that will ping back, they will get them, right? (I feel so stupid right now.. geeze.. don’t you be laughin at me!! I just want to make sure all these peeps get their pingback after all this hard work!! ) They will get the pingback, even after the original post.. ? fingers crossed..makin funny face..

  2. Congratulations Jen – in the short time you’ve been in Blogsville, you’ve touched many. A well deserved recognition from a fellow blogger.

    Thank you also for passing this award onto my blog.

    Eric 🙂

    • Wow Hotspur! That is a really nice thing to say. I’m quite literally speechless… really.. thank you. I can’t believe that I’ve made an impression like that.. you are a very special & important friend, you became this very quickly in my life! I’m grateful to have you on Tryst & in my soul. ~ Jen

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