Fall to Stand


Fall to Stand

Spoken once
Were words of glory
Of a time when
I stood up tall
Spoken then
In strength you saw
Cloaked in memories
Of the struggle along the way
Tearing through trauma
Pieces of my torn dreams
Pushing onward through to
The light on the other side
Yea, this is true
Every word I tell to you
I’ve stood up tall
After being at war with
Life’s challenges & influences

And I
I’ve fallen down low
Gotten lost in the dark
Made my way once again
To stand here with you
And speak from within
About the way
You choose to go
Your fate in your hands
Your Karma will know
A true person who
Is really awake & alive
Falls down & stands tall
Who will fight to survive

~ J. Lefever ~


©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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