Daily Reflection on Trystღ (03/01/13)

Daily Reflection (03/01/13)


At War with What?


It is Friday Tryst family. I’m sure you all know this. It’s one of those great days, favorite days, that visits us each week. Every week, we see a Friday. It comes along and we are happy that it is Friday, despite all the other things we’ve been battling all week, we find that it being Friday, is reason enough to be a little bit happy, happier, or put on a ‘Fuck yeah, it’s finally Friday’ smile and get through the day.


I hope all of you have the ‘Fuck yea it’s Friday’ smile on today. I hope you are wearing it big. I am battling things inside of myself, and it’s been very hard to smile this week. I seriously am not trying to publish a miserable, sad or depressing post here either. I like my reflections because I write them to bring us up, to bring me up and to help get another insight into the things that we think. So often, we get distracted by our own thought distortions, that we get lost in our minds and find that it is impossible, IMPOSSIBLE, to see the light on the other side! When this happens, we are using the mighty mighty power of our minds, creating these thoughts, and entertaining them to point of validation, which makes them real, which turns into actions, which turns into our habits, which becomes our lives, and before we know it, our life is half over and we are sitting there saying, ‘Oh my God, What the fuck, Where did my life go?’ or something like, ‘Where have I been my whole life?’ and things like, ‘Um, time flew out the fucking window because I didn’t live these last years, they lived me!!’


I don’t want my life to live me.

I want to live my life.


And not only that, I want to WANT the life I’m living. Sounds like it’s not too much to ask for, right? I mean, Saying that I want to want my life, and I want to be the one living it, sounds…. realistic….rational….achieveable. Sounds like something that needs to be my immediate project, if it’s not this way already.


I am fighting a war right now. I think that I’ve been losing it lately too. Thinking back to when I was a little girl, thinking of the thoughts that I had about what it would be like when I was all grown up… this was sadly not it. But the good news is this, I can still get where I want to be. Nothing is over. Nothing is impossible. I have a lot of virtues, a lot of things to be grateful for, some things that are an advantage, all of which I won’t get into in detail, but I know what they are and that’s the important part.


If you are facing a life crisis, at war with yourself or fighting to get back what was already yours, find your strong points. The things you do have, and find ways to use them, to utilize them in the bast ways to get to where want to be. This is using your resources to your advantage.


You can always count on yourself. So fighting to live the life that makes YOU the most happy is the most important, one of the most important at least, battles you will ever face.


I am at war right now. With a handful of things. But I know that I should be chasing my happiness as much as I chased my high. If I am not living a happy life, doing the things that I’ve always wanted to do, fighting to reach my biggest dreams & goals, then what’s the point? What’s even the point to getting up each day?


When you’re standing at the crossroads of your life, why not choose to take the road that is bright, colorful & happy?

So, in real life, you fight to live your life, and want the life you’re living.


I hope you all have a great Friday Tryst friends, and I hope you got my thought process here, and I didn’t bring you down. Just a little power pushing in the right direction, that’s all… Pointing out that life is worth making out of it, exactly what we want!!


~ Jen


Tryst Thought: Our truest truths lie deep within our own souls. Seek within for answers to our biggest questions…


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4 responses to “Daily Reflection on Trystღ (03/01/13)

    • I hope so Hotspur… I’m fighting big time… been real hard lately… just to smile. (And I dislike it soooo much! I hate pity! I’d rather be boasting and basking in my glories! I like that attention much better..) Don’t like the blah gloom shits.. blah gloo bad mum shitty stuff.. yes I’m making up silly ramblings.. haha.. just made myself laugh at my retardedness

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