Daily Reflection on Trystღ (03/02/13)

Daily Reflection (03/02/13)
Abandoning Your Spark
Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! It’s Saturday, indeed, and the day found me, up late, running around like a chicken without my head.. I must have forgotten to set my alarm this morning because I was dead asleep when my hubby woke me and said that I was late for work!! Sheesh.. Well, I made it in, late, but I made it to work. My whole week has been off. For real… I feel like I’ve been on another planet! Wishing I was in the South of Florida, or even better, in the South of France, on a beach in St. Tropez.. oh to dream… to dream…
Anyway, I have been so focused on this ‘Seasonal Dread’, seasonal depression, that has been affecting me greatly, I have forgotten all about the fantastic things that make me spark! You know, the things that are just unique to your character? I have completely abandoned my spark!! Oh No!!
Sometimes, when we get overwhelmed by something that seems to plague us more than usual, we can quite easily lose focus on other important things that we need to remember. Life is all about having a good balance. We can’t be all or nothing here!! That makes no sense!! Think about it: for the time we work, we need to rest, for the time we rest, we need to have fun, for the time we have fun, we need to eat and nourish our bodies, for the times when we are lazy, we need to also get up and exercise… See my point here?
How can we stay balanced in our lives, so that we maintain a healthy life all together? I know, as is all advice, that it’s easier said than done. Right, so true!! But here I’ve been, stuck down in my hole, trying to figure out what my problem is, and decipher the secret codes to ‘Seasonal Dep, Whatever…’ Sad, my ass!! Yes I’m sad, it’s all I’ve been focusing on and feeding, is my freakin sadness!! I lost my positive spark that I carry around so proudly on my cheek!! I love my spark!! That spark is me!! Where did my happy-positive go? Where did I leave my lil spark..
Finding my spark was easy. I just asked for it, and POOF there it was..
Sometimes, recognition is all you need. Recognize the problem, and move towards fixing it.
Today, practice some balance!!
Feed your spark, not your sadness!!
And, have a great Saturday Tryst family.. ~ Jen
Tryst Thought: Life is pretty dull without your own personal sparkle!!
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