The River to You


The River to You

Electric light
Sprinkled by thousands
Underneath me
In the valley below
It has been a while since
My eyes have fallen
Upon this view
Makes me think of you…

We met on a river
Day was warm from the sun
Everything was new

To touch
To see
To feel

I remember you

In this moment
I hear the deep raspiness of
Your voice
Fallen, I may have said I was
But it was me
In another life & time
Was it me at all
Standing there with you
Was it even you who
Left those words running through
The electric river of my soul
To the memories I carry
Inside my heart & mind
To revisit & replay
In moments when I run somewhere
To hide
Tonight I ran
To the valley to see its view
A million sparkling lights
In my mind remembering you

~ J. Lefever ~

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication


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