Imagine a Moment


Imagine a Moment

The time was then

When people laughed

And loved the land

I saw a someone walk my way

Telling me to hold his hand

He story he spoke to me…

Once I knew too little

This time was long ago

When people were real

And loved like brothers

All the same, void of

Judgement placed upon others

Sounds nice, I said

This time you say

Unlike anything I know

So different from today…

Indeed, he said It was pure like no other


Like the love you have for your brother…

We lived & breathed

Taught lessons to teach

Walked hand & hand

To you, I reach

Here I am

I came to find you

Tonight, you see

Under the moon that’s blue

I must let you see

I must tell you so

There is more to life

Than what you think you know

Don’t listen to lies

Your soul knows the difference

Don’t forget to love

Everything that has importance

Don’t believe all that you see

People will trick you

Listen to me

Follow your light

You guiding heart

You will never be lost

You will never fall apart

Stand up tall

Speak out loud

And if you fall

Get back up, and be proud

Most of all

Please love from within

Love your self

Even through glory & sin

Your soul is pure

Your hands clean today

Take me words

Carry with you all I say…

Imagine a moment

When you witness a miracle


With you

Under this moon of blue

The words you spoke

Everything you said

I heard

I felt

They’re in my head

A miracle becomes this moment

As I imagine it this way

I will take with me

Every single word

All you told me

All that I heard

~ J. Lefever ~



  ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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