Careless Hair

Careless Hair
I walked to that place
Where no one knows I go
Alone in the mist of morning
Surrounded by music of the mountain
The wind brushes my face
Whips my careless hair
Careless like the way you left
Standing solo in the door
Left looking somewhere beyond
Way past the life we ever seemed to have
I seems I’ve already forgotten you
Just a shadow that has moved along
Gone just as quickly as you came
Like tumble weed, rolling unseen through
Dry, endless vastness of the desert
My heart has no place left for you
~ J. Lefever ~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

8 responses to “Careless Hair

    • It’s about a person who came, and went. Sometimes, people just don’t leave that much of an impression on us, or me I guess I should say. I did not write it intending to be mean, just honest.

    • I understand that feeling. I have a sharp memory. Some might think that’s quite a blessing, but at times it’s not. There are things I wish so desperetly to forget. Yet, my mind goes on, remembering & remembering…

      People too. I love people so much. And being such a people person, it’s easy have imprints of people on my mind… even after a short encounter, depending on the situation, and the spirit involved, imprints of people can be very deep inside of my mind & heart as well…

      I feel ya miss hasty.. 🙂 XO

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