Evening Reflection on Trystღ (03/13/13)

Evening Reflection (03/13/13)


Unnecessary Cruelness

 Good wishes and bright stars, is what I hope for all of you @ Tryst!! I have had a good day. Not the greatest, but good. It was good. I have been slowly coming back to life, after a short intermission, and I am reminded in the process of all the many blessings I have to be grateful for. It breaks my heart that there is cruelty in the world. I tweeted Mr. Hotspur a few days ago, that if I could, I would do anything and everything to end any & all suffering in the world. My sensitive heart just can’t fathom the things that happen at times. And that said… it is a true statement… I am not a fan of sadness and suffering, for any living thing.

To wrap up my good day, I decided to reach out and send a message to my brother’s wife. This is a person who has been so mean to me. A person who, has never taken a minute to get to know me, and I can even quote her on that as she text me those very words after she told me to not text her again. I sent her a very kind message, letting her know that no matter what, I love her. Even though, for no reason at all, I have received unnecessary cruelness from her. I still take the time to be nice to her, as I have always been, and I always will be.

I understand that my family is hurting. We lost a son, a brother, a husband, a best friend, my partner in life whom I grew up next to… we are all in such pain. In this process, I see no reason for the unnecessary cruelness. Especially to any one of us who has continued to show love, generosity and kindness. And as tears of confusion rolled down my face, I realized that me and that girl are just two very different people. While I would never do certain things, or say things, or be mean and hurtful in those ways, it’s just not who I am. My heart is not built that way. My family knows this. My family knows my heart and that is what is important.

Tonight, I reflect on the diversity in the hearts of people. Some choose to carry mean hatred, and point fingers, and lash out on the kind ones whom they know won’t lash back. Others choose to carry warmth, forgiveness and kindness. Inside our hearts, we know the things we have done. If we have done wrong, whether the whole world knows, or no one was there to see it… we will always know. We will always know inside our hearts what we have done, and whether it was right or wrong. We always know our truths. We can’t lie to ourselves. I get to go to sleep, and close my eyes with a clean conscience.

And I know that karma is always watching me. Karma is also watching and waiting for those who are guilty of unnecessary cruelness.

I hope you have a good night and pleasant dreams. ~ Jen

Tryst Thought: The one who stands pointing a finger with anger in their heart, is the one who will end up suffering the most. They will suffer from self-inflicted unhappiness. And they will have no one to blame but themselves. In the end, kindness always wins. And it’s not a matter of winning and losing, but I believe kindness conquers cruelness… eventually… every single time.



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17 responses to “Evening Reflection on Trystღ (03/13/13)

  1. You’re so right, Jen. This has never been so true for me, as it is now.
    The last step in complete release is forgiveness. I’m having a difficult time piecing together things, in order to sincerely mean it. You ow? What good is forgiveness if it isn’t sincere? It isn’t, its useless.
    So proud of you for being kind. You understand that karma may not come in a form later down the road. She could already be suffering the effects of her cruel ness toward you.

  2. I love your Tryst thought, and it’s absolutely true. The worst part is that those people don’t even know they’re causing their own unhappiness and continue to blame it on everyone else.

      • What I should have replied to you was: yes. I’m glad you agree & see my point. People cause their own unhappiness and don’t realize it. Like I wrote in my piece here. All I was saying was that it hurts when someone wrongfully points a finger, blaming you for their problems, instead of owning them and being accountable for them. It sucks. It sucks to be in a situation with a person who acts like that. Last night, I delt with it first hand. And it sucks.

        That’s all..

      • I apologize for communicating poorly. I obviously have some things on my mind. Sorry for that. I shouldn’t have included you in personal shit that was fresh on my heart & mind. Im sorry..

      • Oh b/c I unloaded a bunch of personal crap that didn’t even make sense to you, I’m sure. You just happen to comment at the right moment, when I had a slew of shit going through my mind, and it all came out in a heaping pile of word crap on my comments.

        I decided it wasn’t necessary to keep it there, so I got rid of it. So, I’m sorry for not making any sense & unloading the mish mash on you!

        You know when someone is fighting with someone, but they leave the house, run into some stranger, or whatever, and bite their head off? The stranger had no clue what the guys fucking problem is, but he was just in the wrong place, at the wrong time… got the blunt of the pissed off guys bad mood.

        You posted a comment when I was brewing up in my head about this act of cruelness I was a victim to last night, and I let it all out on reply. I’m so sorry..
        Truth is, I am really hurt by this thing that happened, and I shouldn’t be. But I’m sensitive. I’m a pansy…

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