Evening Reflection on Trystღ (03/14/13)

Evening Reflection (03/14/13)


Check Please!!

 Hey there. How is my land of Tryst? What a day for me!! I feel like my spirit has been resurrected from the dead! What a long, cold, dead, grey & emotionally, mentally, spiritually & physically draining winter the Midwest has had! Phew ~ are we there yet? Are we there? It is over? Are the freakin birds chirping? Did that thing see his shadow.. or whatever? Spring time, yes Yes Please!! I think I can safely say, um, …………………We are ready! So, bring it mother nature!!

Enough of that. Yes. I am feeling like Jen again. My prayers have been answered. My wonderful friends, here & beyond, have been so kind as to hold my hand, and my heart, as I crawled through this last chapter of winter. I cannot thank you all enough! You are wonderful blessings who have special places inside my heart. ((You know who you are, 🙂 wink))

Today, in my wonderful rush of energy that just kept coming, caffeine not included, I caught myself popping off at the mouth, just a bit. Just a bit too much, actually. And by ‘popping-off’ I simply mean, my mouth kept going, and talking, when I needed to take a breath, hush up, and put myself in a little check. I needed to put my mouth in check!!

I am reminded by this, that, in the haste of certain situations in life, we can get caught up. Emotions get involved, and that’s when things can get out of control, sometimes even ugly. Tonight, I reflect on the thought that, time and patience are a virtue. Take moments to think things through before the words fall out of your mouth. I know that if my husband and I have a disagreement, sometimes in the haste of it, we may say something we don’t necessarily mean.

Sometimes it is better to take a step back, take a few breaths and think before you speak.

This is called putting yourself in check.

Check in with yourself. Ask yourself how you feel, how the situation makes you feel, and establish the right time and place to verbally throw things up, or keep things more inside.

Honestly, I think it’s important to ‘Check In’ with yourself quite often throughout the day. Because it sucks to act, re-act, or over-react to someone or something and then regret it later.

So check in with yourselves tonight… tomorrow… and see how much grounded you can find yourself, and all thanks to, well, yourself!!

Good night Tryst! Have a lovely evening! ~ Jen

Tryst Thought: It’s good to remember that you are not the only one going through the ‘pits’ and ‘peaks’ of life. Others around you are going through life as well. You never know what another is feeling, or experiencing, or recovering from. You never know. Just like they don’t know your stuff too. Be considerate of that. Be considerate of others. We are all in this together.. Life. Right?

Can I get the check please?



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