When Advice Becomes A Torture Device ~ Tryst Insider

Is It Good Advice? Or Torture Device? ~ Tryst Insider
Listening to your inner voice…
Think about all the advice that is floating around this planet. People with problems are always the ones who try to project the most, and sometimes best, advice on to others. This is true because who better to give advice than someone who has been there, right? But one thing needs to be remembered: Just because words come out, and formulate sentences, which make for communicating some advice at someone, about a situation, this doesn’t mean that the words are true!!
Just because you say it, doesn’t mean it is right, true, valid, or even good advice!! No offense to the people way up there on their pedestals… Don’t get a nose bleed!! ((I have a strong opinion for people who think they are so great, that they are just above the rest of the world. And my opinion is quite harsh and offensive, so I’ll keep it to myself, so long as we are understood.))
Good advice, I think, can be not-so-good advice, which turns into, following the path of the wrong way down the street, sadly leading you, blinded, to the wrong time and place, all the while, you are torturing yourself because you’ve followed some bad advice!! Ah!! Not some bad advice!!
So what do we do? How do we decipher the good from the bad? The right from the wrong? Are we putting too much hope into one basket? Believing what we want to believe? Fingers crossed, hoping it turns out this way, all the while, probably knowing that, we are on a long path to the torture chamber?
Giving advice.
When giving advice, you need to think things through. Is what you’re saying going to point the person in the right direction? For you, or for them? And How do you know?
When taking advice, keep in mind that it’s coming from someone who may not know all the details. So be cautious when following the path of another. Don’t find yourself being tortured over letting one person lead you astray…
Just sayin’
🙂 ~ Jen
Tryst Thought: Should I have listened to my heart instead? Don’t leave yourself in the pool of doubt! Weigh all of your options!! Know that the best answers for ourselves, are always inside of us. No one knows you better than you!!
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24 responses to “When Advice Becomes A Torture Device ~ Tryst Insider

  1. Indeed. I have learned to consider the person who i am asking advice from.
    Take a look into their life and their decisions. These are qualities that are important to us, as we are the ones seeking the advice. We expect it to be good advice, and obviously better than anything we could come up with on our own. Otherwise, we wouldn’t bother to seek out assistance. So why would we even dare accept advice from someone who’s life isn’t going in the same direction as ours?
    I’ve been struggling with this for a while, with a long time friend at work. She has been with me for my entire 9 years there. It was she and I. I considered her my BFF for many years, strictly based on time spent together, I suppose. Soon, she knew everything about me, because we were so physically close. As the years passed, I saw her change and it was slight. Too slight for me to take her advice seriously any longer. Her decisions showed me that her advice about importAnt things, regarding my life (progressing, as we always should) went unheard and completely un-understood.
    Ah, how things change.

    • This is great feed back friend! I hear you, loud and clear! (Shaking my head in agreement..) When I ask someone for advice, I ask someone who has something that I want. (They tell us this in Recovery. When getting sober, surround yourself with people who have the life you want…) This here, is good, true wisdom Tryst family!!

        • Thank you. Some days I don’t feel strong at all. Some days I’m hidding in a hole. Somedays, I’m shinning with soulshine, bright with optimism, positive love vibes beaming out of me everywhere… I’m, oh, I’m something else.. that’s for sure! Quite the handful!

          Stubborn. I am a stubborn asshole! I refuse to lose, quit, give up.. No No! I fight hand/foot, tooth/nail, whatever the reason/cause… I’m the stubborn ass that won’t give up! I think that’s why I’m still here… cause I’m a stuborn ass hole!! 🙂

          ( I use the term ‘asshole’ very loosely, and comically)

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