Foot steps
In the hallway
Leading my
Curious mind
There I stood
Waiting, still
In the absence
Of which
You left me
Dare to take a step
Break the still
Of the night
Only, wait…
Foot steps
Vibrating closer
Here I hold
My heart in my
Hands, tiny hands
Tiny but mine
Waiting for
Something that
Feels right
This time
All the while
Left waiting for you
In the cold
Of the Winter, as
I wait for me too…
~ J. Lefever ~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

3 responses to “Waiting

  1. Gulp. Blink, blink. “…tiny heart left waiting in the cold of the WInter as I wait for me too…” Dearest, precious Jen — it’s a good thing I’m home alone tonight, trails of black mascara streaming down flushed cheeks, YOU elicit emotions in such a delicate and beautiful manner…Like a well-written song! Thank you, BEAUTIFUL ONE.

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