Afternoon Reflection on Tryst (03/17/13)

Afternoon Reflection (03/17/13)

variety of empty wine bottles backlited

Green Beer and Parades

 Hey there!! Is the world out celebrating the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day? Have you been pinched for not wearing green? Such a funny holiday really… A glorified day for all the non-drinkers, the amateur boozers to hit the sauce all day and make total asses of themselves. We have a great time here in KC on St. Paddy’s Day. The city shuts down, well, parts of it, roads get blocked off, we have parades, rides, food, green beer, glitter, face painting and sparkly shamrocks everywhere. It is a day of eating and drinking and I… I didn’t have any part of it today. Nope. I’ve had my share of green-booze induced St. Paddy’s Day’s throughout the years. Enough to say, I’m perfectly happy staying at home for this one. My husband and I picked up the house, did some food shopping at the market and made it home for me to reflect & write while he watched sports and fell asleep on the couch. No hangovers for us today! I’m glad we are passed that.

(Or am I? Maybe the parade would have been fun… but dealing with the drunk fest down-town… I’m not so sure. I guess I really have grown up, huh?)

Back in the Day.

I’m thinking of things of my past today. Regret mostly. Do you ever regret things? I know that in the cosmic realm of things, they say, we wouldn’t be who we are today if we hadn’t taken our path. Of course, this is true. It’s kind of dumb wisdom, right? I mean, we are who we are today. We are going to be who we are no matter what… kind of non-wise piece of wisdom.

But, wisdom it is, none the less. Regrets are kind of waste of time. If you are sitting there, wishing you knew back then, what ya did now, I mean, how productive is that really? We can;t go back in the past. We can’t change anything. We can only control our future. So, where is this going…

If there is anything that we feel regret for, the only way to make that regret something positive is to allow it to shape our future.

Don’t regret the past. Be who you want to be right now. That’s the most productive & positive thing you can do for yourself.

I hope everyone had a safe & fun St. Patrick’s Day!! Get the desire for green beer and green glitter out of your systems because tomorrow is Monday, and life goes back to normal… (for all the amateur boozers)


~ Jen

Tryst Thought: If we put as much energy into our hope & desires as we do into our worries & regrets, think about all the shit we can get done!!



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