Re-defining Me ~ Tryst Update

Re-defining Me ~ Tryst Update

I am under a new moon tonight. It’s newer to me than the moon was yesterday. I love that too. Under the moon tonight, I feel… closer to me… than I have… in a long while. Phew, (brushing my forehead and brow dramatically), which, to say the very least is a good feeling. I’m not sure what the sudden change in disposition is, but I have been practically begging for it!! I have been pulled out of the dark abyss somehow, and here I am, re-creating my world around me. It’s like I’m re-decorating my mind and soul!! I went off the deep-emotional end lately and have been down… down… down!! It sucks being down. (Yes, Alice in Chains, I hear you loud and clear and although I dearly love that song, being down in that hole has worn me out!) It is time to re-surface… (Note: how many times did I just use words with ‘re-‘ in front of them? Let’s see, shall we: Re-creating, re-decorating, re-surface) I wonder what else I can re-use this word in reference to? (Re-use, re-enforce, re-habilitate, re-evaluate, re-present.. no, that last one didn’t quite work to re-explain my word play here.. hum, let me think some more on that, but I’m liking the game. Indeed…

While I continue to get my self back to me, re-living my past, to re-mind me of my present, which will help re-evaluate my future and the way that I want it to go, I think I’ll stop here for now. That is all for now. Night.

J. Lefever


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