Daily Reflection on Trystღ (03/18/13)

Daily Reflection (03/18/13)


Plastic People


Hello to all you sweet peeps! It’s a Monday reflection at hand!! Before I get into my thought today, I just want to take a minute to thank you all for being such loyal readers. There was a time when I thought I’d never have an audience, I thought that my writing was bad, or just so-so, and who would ever really care what I have to say. I have met such awesome people through writing on Tryst and WordPress. The more time that goes by and the more I interact and talk to you, those of you whom I speak to more regularly, the more I get to know you and I must say, some of you are just true sparks of soulshine and I truly enjoy the connection! I have gotten to know some of you, and I’m finding out who has been real, who has been real nice and who is full of inspiring wisdoms, which… I completely love! For those of you who take the time to not only read my posts, but comment and respond to my comments, you are greatly appreciated & wonderfully awesome people!! For those of you who are true & real, a big thank you. I think you are so awesome!!


My mind was deep in thought this morning about a certain, situation… I was trying to use the right words to get my point accorss with out being… inapropriate. Sometimes we get our hopes up for someone, or something, and we are sadly let down. Like when some one turnes out to be someone completely different from how they were in the beginning. Fake? I guess you can say. Either way, my mind was pondering, and I just wanted to recognize the awsomeness of some of you!!


I can’t make excuses for some people. There really are people in the world who think they are too good for others. Like they have achieved some status above everyone else and they are just too superior to interact with everyone. Puh-leeze. That’s called arrogance. That’s called being a snob. And for people who have true beauty of the heart, those kinds of people are a real turn off! In every which way!! See, now, maybe that’s my opinion, but I thought high school was over years ago… so what’s the deal with all the hype to have the highest numbers in Facebook or Twitter? Are people still in the rat race for the titles in society of ‘Most Liked’, ‘Most likely to age well’, Most likely to succeed’, and any other label the shallow souls are out there seeking. This makes me wonder… what did those kind of people NOT get in high school that they feel they need to make up for now?


For anyone out there who is newer to a social media network, or any adventure on the internet, and so on… enjoy what your working on! Enjoy your task at hand! Don’t be like everyone else and join in on things just to see how many  peep requests you can obtain!! Just enjoy communicating and connecting with the world because it can be so much fun if it’s used the right way!! To those fo you who have a huge fan base, that’s super awesome!! Good for you!! Now let’s hope that you just keep being real and keep being you and don’t switch to the dark side of things where you lose your identity and become addicted to the numbers. (By adicted, I mean that you lose everything else! You aren’t posting quality things anymore because your goals have been altered… Don’t do that!! Yuck!! Just be real!!


I find that I preach this a lot. Fake, rude and ‘I’m too good to talk to you’ people get on my last friggin nerve!!


Don’t be plastic people!! It’s ugly!! Plus, I would think that keeping up with ‘fake’ appearances would be really exausting!! I mean, being anyone other than me would take some real work!!


I hope you all have a real great Monday being your real fantastic selves!! ~ Jen


Thank you for letting me get this shit off my chest!! I feel much better and now I can get on with my day!!


Tryst Thought: This ‘rant’ is a little off my normal beaten path of writing. I let someone hurt my feelings this weekend, and in the moments of my sensitivity, it happened again by another person and I’m not even sure they know that they are being a complete shit head!! I won’t say any more… but that’s what’s up with me right now…


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8 responses to “Daily Reflection on Trystღ (03/18/13)

  1. I hate fake people, too. I hate finding out that someone is someone completely different than who I thought they were. I what I hate most of all is that sometimes it takes years to find this out.

    • I know! It’s the worst! It like this for me, be real from the start! Then you don’t have to make excuses, or have people wondering what the hell is going on because you just changed into a completely different person! Fake people fucking suck! That’s just all there is to it…

      BTW – How are you doing this fine Monday TW? Did you have a nice weekend? I see you got the Soulshine I sent ya!! Good!! Just incase you need it, or run out of sunshine!! 🙂

      • “I see you got the Soulshine I sent ya!! Good!! Just incase you need it, or run out of sunshine!! ”

        That, dearest Jen, is why you’re awesome.

        My weekend was good. I spent it with the kids and we had fun.

      • You have made me smile, and humbled me at the same time. Is that possible? Thank you. I send you soulshine because I happen to think you’re pretty awesome! I don’t waste my soulshine on just everyone!! No no.. It’s a special thing for me. (I have soulshine tatooed on my arm i cursive.. so all my people pretty much know that I got the soul that shines and that I give it to others) 🙂

        Glad your weekend was good!! Mine was nice too!! 🙂

    • Yea.. maybe!! I don’t like it when I feel this way.. some jerk thinks the sun shines out of their ass.. Well it doesn’t!! ((It shines out of mine… 🙂 haha na, jus playin!! ))

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