House of Leo ~ Tryst Update

House of Leo ~ Tryst Update


Astrology in my Inbox, for Leo, tells me this:


Your Horoscope for March 19, 2013

First Name: Jen+  
Sun Sign: Leo
Date of Birth: July 25, 1981
E-mail Address:
The healing of some childhood traumas could be triggered today, Leo, perhaps through contact with someone who knew you then. Don’t be surprised if you shed a few tears. This is a normal release. You could also suddenly laugh like crazy. Once this is all done, take your friend out for the evening and kick up your heels. That will help you lighten up and enable you to sleep.



Ok! I about fell out of my chair when I read that! I have always been into & studied Astrology. Im actually quite knowledgeable on the subject, being able to map out people’s birth charts and locate the placement of the planets at the time of their births… pretty cool stuff that I can do!! Anyway, this being said, I understand that not every Horoscope is going to be dead on. This is one of the reasons why the ‘non-believers’ in Astrology don’t believe. One day their Horoscope doesn’t match, and that’s it!! Horoscope is bullshit! Well, I’m here to tell you that it is not bullshit, my friends… it is not!!


Did you know that we all have 3 signs? Not just one… but 3!! We have a sun sign, a moon sign & an ascending sign. All three of those signs make up your unique personality. Not just the one. Most people, when asked what sign they are, answer by telling their sun sign. That’s the sign tracked by your birth date. It is the most common to know and follow. Most people don’t know their moon or ascending signs, or even further, know how to figure them out!! ((I can do this for people..)) So, lets say I have more dominate traits for my moon sign, not my sun sign. Because of this, I may be one of those who say Astrology is bullshit because I have no clue what my moon sign is, or that I even have one. ((I like to educate people on this because I find it so interesting))


For the ‘Non-believers’ out there, do a little reading if you find yourself curious about Astrology. The years I’ve put into studying it has given me tons of insight to a certain realm of this place, connecting me to the sky and all it’s wonderous things. The moon, the stars, I love them all!! I have felt a pull towards learning things about the sky ever since I was a kid. So when I got my first book on Astrology, I was completely hooked!!


Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about this!! I’m happy to chat ‘Stars’ any time!!


So, ok… back to my reading for ‘Leo’ today ((Leo is my sun sign… My moon is in Taurus and my ascending is in the house of Libra. But I’m also a cusp sign, so my sun is in Leo and Cancer… but that’s a whole other conversation, that of being a cusp. Just FYI)) I literally am going through some things lately, with the death of my brother, and with my family.. of which I won;t get into because, well, it’s just private… But what I will tell you, is that the words in the small paragraph above are dead on. Dead on.


((I’ve even shed a few tears this morning, thinking of something… and that was just a handful of minutes before I read my Astrology for the day…))


I felt it was my duty to enlighten my Tryst Family on my knowledge of Astrology, the moon & the stars, and how right on my Horoscope is today… ((Sometimes, it still amazes me how awesome Astrology is!!))


J. Lefever


 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication



9 responses to “House of Leo ~ Tryst Update

  1. I’m not really a believer in Astrology, but I am curious as to find out what my moon and ascending signs are. I’m a Capricorn (January 11th, 1991)

    • For me to learn your moon, I just look at my planetary tables. To learn your ascending, is a bit more difficult. I need the exact time of your birth to put into a mathematical equation.. run some numbers and it will tell me the number of the ‘house’ which will tell me what sign it is. That prob. sounds confusing, for someone who doesn’t speak ‘Zodiac’ .. 🙂 I can look when I get home & tell you your moon.. 🙂 If you know when you were born, I can tell you your ascending!!

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