I want to be invisible, for now
Nothing for anyone to see
Moments & memories
My imprints of my past, gone
Like a feather floating in the breeze
A little piece of nothing important
Floating bye for no one to see
No one notices something that is
Nothing, when there is nothing
To see
I like the feeling of detachment
Rendering me in a calm state of mind
Awareness has slipped away with the wind
Swallow me world & make me invisible
Make me nothing for the world to see
Look at me, I’m not really here
I’m so empty today, you see
I float through the minutes of this day
Aware that I need not be
Anything important
I am nothing to see
I can go anywhere today
Be anywhere that I want to be
And still, not really be there
That’s what it feels like
When you feel like nothing
I am invisible
No one can see my sad heart
No one notices my tears that fall
Gently down to the ground
Landing in a soft pool of wetness
Representing a soul that is broken
No one notices my empty hands
Wanting to be held
Wanting to be safe and warm
Waiting to feel like I’m someone
Is it okay if I isolate today
What will it matter
If I just literally slip away
When I’m here, you don’t seem to listen
When I’m there, you don’t even see
It’s like I’m just imagining
My importance to you
So instead of pretending
I will just go
Don’t worry, my dear
You won’t notice a thing
Nothing will change when nothing goes
Away with me, with just me to be
I love you but you don’t even see
That I’m invisible to you
And it’s damaging me
I’ll float somewhere else
Where nothing else matters
~ J. Lefever ~
This piece was written in regards to… something inside… of me, or maybe someone else… either way, it is real and it is my sadness today…
Do you ever just want to float away?
 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

25 responses to “Float

  1. Very lovely Jen, I often feel this very same way. The thought of just disappearing for awhile is always on the tip of my tongue waiting for me to let the idea flow free.

    • Awe!! My hubby always says that!! I wouldn’t go away mad! I’m just ready to go again… ready to change my city. Free spirits don’t like to feel trapped too long in one place. I’m that free spirit. Ready to float… fly away..

    • I love thoughts of being free enough in life to just go → float away →fly anywhere, whenever… dare to dream Jen! Thank you for your kind words! Sadness is present but it won’t defeat me. No indeed ~ XO~

      • So true! Straight bars are a different kind of meat market entirely! Women sit and judge everything that walks by, acting as if they are a gift to the world, and the men try to act the most macho or dick-headed arrogant because they think that women love the asshole guys. ((which, much to my demise, there are women who like the assholes… women with out much intelligence who give the rest of us a bad name)) Straight bars also include the bar fights where people go head to head to win some kind of momentary title of being a nad ass, when in actuality, no one will even remember the next day. Just sayin…

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