And… So… I Wait

And… So… I Wait


The subject matter has been quite redundant

But still I wait so patiently

For this time to pass

It has been so long since I’ve seen the sun

Or felt warmth on my face

But still I wait so silent

In the nights of cold and midnight black

Which paints the sky and the streets

The frozen land, dressed in ice

Which brought death to all living things

Not just mother earths botanic decorations

And still I wait so full of hope

That the day is soon

To melt the ice into waters

Waters to feed the land and bring back to life

To watch before my own eyes

The burst of color with the re-birth of spring

And still I wait so anxiously

For my eyes to burn with the warmth of the sun

And for the sun to kiss my skin

For this, I wait

Waiting so patiently




This was done for Visdare: Waiting


As I schedule this week’s VisDare, I am waiting for a lot of things.


Waiting for certain things in life to move on and leave me alone.

Waiting for other things to come.

Waiting on people, the mail, appointments, promises to be fulfilled.

Everyone’s waiting for something.

What are you – or your characters – waiting for?


In 150 words, what am I waiting for…


 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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