Last Tango

A piece from Soul to Shine … I’m playing with other things… Don’t know where my direction is quite headed… but that is OK… I’m not supposed to always know how things are going to end… That is my creativity… You connect the dots.

I hope you enjoy… Another side of me.

~ Jen

Soul to Shine

Last Tango


Scripted in black & white.

This photo is of two souls, movement, creating the illusion of one soul, dancing…

This is beautiful.

Capturing two, yet, we are not shown their faces. We cannot see, through their expression, or their eyes, what they are feeling. It is left, to our own minds, exactly what this photo makes us feel…

About love

About tender company

About an intimate dance

We cannot hear the music. We can only see the dancing.

Or, the captured stillness in black & white.


Are the two in this piece in love?

Are they just performing.

Is this a dance of deep intimacy? Or just the beautiful display of two people, in synchronized movement…

What do you see?

What is their story?


Photo Phiction –

I will put my dancing shoes on one last time. For one last tango. Never ask me to dance…

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