Another Day to Breathe

Another Day to Breathe



The storm subsides

The waters run calmly

Back to the way

They were before

Returning us to

Serenity of the world


I find myself here


Storms in the wild

Are like storms of the soul

They come on

Sometimes out of nowhere

Yet, others

Are more predictable

If we listen to the

Warnings of our heart


I can hear my heart beating faster


Our minds & our souls

Are in rhythm with

These elements

Thunder crashing

Rain pouring down

Winds whipping everything about

Just like our emotions

In a storm of the heart


Our souls rain too


Cleansing of the spirit

Washing away

Dirty residue

Of the pain we feel

Through out the course

Of our lives


My soul has seen many storms


Moments can come

They can hurt so bad

Seeing our way through

With progress

Not perfection

Strengthens our lessons

Even just a little

Giving us a reason

To wake up to see

Another day


I am awake for the moments of my life


Defeat is in the way

We look at our victories

How did I come to

Speak my words

On this very day

Through perseverance

Courage & conviction


I never gave up, you see


That is how I get to breathe another day


~ J. Lefever ~



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication






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