Cleaning Sidewalks ~ A Tryst Update


Cleaning Sidewalks ~ A Tryst Update

Shoveling the Sidewalks of Life

Today I’ve been thinking about the coming of spring. I’m trying to get my house tidy & clean, organized & comfortable. I’ve got a new pool table in my basement/rec room & some new furniture pieces I’ve picked out for my home office & living room. With all this cleaning up & tidying & new freshness … I’m also thinking of cleaning up my soul.

I peaked out the front windows of my house this morning and saw my driveway & sidewalks being shoveled. I’m grateful that I didn’t have to get out & do it!!  Oh, I have many things in my life to be grateful for. In that thought, I thought about what’s inside my heart..  inside my soul…

I think that in life, we need to clean up our souls from time to time. We clean up other things in our lives, right? Well, think about how dirty our souls get, with all the stuff we deal with everyday, day after day… I can’t speak for others, obviously, but I can speak for me. And my life is a constant, on going lesson, in which I’m dealing with people, and my inner self. Think about how dirty we get, in our minds & hearts, after being let down, disappointed, lied to, tricked or anything else that happens in life. We built painful memories and resentments.. this list goes on.

I need to clean up my heart. My soul. My mind.

In thinking about ‘making over my soul’ … I need to brainstorm some ideas of ways that I can move past the past -> and into my tomorrow with a clean, fresh spirit!


See me up there? Freaking out about yet another massive blizzard we got this weekend!

I am not allowing my mind & soul to go pessimistic on me. I can’t live that way. Nope! Regardless of how sick, and I mean sick & tired, of the snow I am… what can I do, with my time, that is productive, and will help move me forward… towards the life that I want? Towards the things I want to accomplish in life?

And then, it happened! I got my spark of… whatever… and made a good move this weekend!! ((More on this to come..))


~ Jen



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5 responses to “Cleaning Sidewalks ~ A Tryst Update

    • Thanks Mom!! I am so glad we finally got your tablet in-sync with you so you can post your words on Tryst too!! Sheesh… you and electronics… you make me laugh!! I love you mom. XO ~ Me

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