Evening Reflection on Tryst♥ (03/24/13)

Evening Reflectiono (03/24/13)



Good Sunday night, right? I am getting ready to wrap up a great day. It was one of those perfect Sundays, where, things were just nice, relaxing and peaceful all day long. I was in no rush to be anywhere. I was in no hurry to get anything done. No one was demanding anything from me. I had all day to do Jen stuff… and it was really nice!

So this evening, I was thinking about all the people I have in my life. I have hundreds of acquaintances. I have a few great friends. I love my friendships. They are so important to me. I have written before on friendships. The importance of being a friend, the honor of being called a friend, and how the relationship between two friends is one that takes effort from both people. I truly believe that. Good friendships exhist when the two souls are in harmony with each other. Communication between friends is one of those important elements to a friendship in harmony.

What happens when communication fails? Let’s say one friend does something that upsets the other friend in some way. Sometimes we may do, or say something and we are unaware that we have offended our friend. Unless we are told that we hurt them, hurt their feelings, offended them in some way, we may never know we did so. Consequently, bad vibes are born and the harmonious friendship is at stake.

Frenemies is like friends that aren’t really friends. Enemies keeping their enemies close like a friend. Fake friends. Ick. Yuck. Who wants that? I have zero tolerance for fake. If I have done something to upset someone, especially a close friend… I would like to know!! Please tell me what I’ve done so things can be worked out!!

How productive is it to have a situation with someone in your life, something that bothered you, and not tell them? Avoid talking to them about it?

Honestly, its pretty childish. Its not the make of adult behavior at all!! Its the immaturity of an attitude saying, “So & so pissed me off but I’m not gonna say anything. I’m gonna just stop talking to them all together!”

News for you, you’re acting like a child if this is how you handle things. I am not meaning to be offensive to anyone by making this statement… but it is my firm belief and opinion that a person who acts this way is not s friend. They are a frenemy…

To all you friends out there… be good to your friends! Treat them well… like you want to be treated. Like I said on Soul to Shine this afternoon, be a person that YOU would want to be around! Speak up!! Voice your feelings!! If you don’t, you’re really acting like a child that knows nothing about how to have a relationship with someone else. Communicate!!

I hope all my Tryst friends are having a great night!! I wish you all a wonderful week!! Goon night Tryst!! ♥jen♥

★Tryst Thought★ We have a voice inside of us. When our instincts speak to us, listen. We are the ONLY ones who can stand up for ourselves completely. In this life, no matter what, you will ALWAYS have you!! Good conflict resolution starts with voicing your truths. Good friendships need healthy communication.

So speak up!! How the hell are people going to know somethin important, if you keep it hidden?
Make friends!! Not frenemies!! ∞


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20 responses to “Evening Reflection on Tryst♥ (03/24/13)

  1. I’m with you on all you said… If i do something to offend, I need to know… Real friends talk, discuss, argue, but will always be friends… Trust is very important in the relationship…

    • This is so true! And such simple wisdom friend!! Talk to your friends!! Express how you feel!! How else is the world supposed to know? We are not mind readers here!! Well, most of us aren’t anyway!! Thank you for reading!! Come by Tryst anytime!! XOXO ~ Jen

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