Tryst Award Show Pt 2 ~ Tryst News

Finally!! At long last!! After all my hard work, putting my blood, sweat & tears into Tryst on a daily basis… here are the Epic and the ABC Awards!!
Can this be true? Am I Epically Awesome? If this is so, it’s quite the compliment I have received from the Oh-So-Wonderful himself, Revis Edgewater, who was kind enough to honor me with this award. Revis, you rock!! To be called Epic, or Awesome, or both in the same sentence has made mine, Jen, and Tryst, me & my blog land, day… this award is one of my most special!! I am proud to post the award of Epicness!! Thank you Revis, I am honored & humbled!! To those unaware of Revis’s excellence, follow the link provided to check him out @ 33 Grams of Blog!!
What do I need to do for this one?
  • Tell 10 epic and/or awesome facts about yourself.  That’s it. (Ugh, more facts.. you all will be sick of me soon… )

1) I am a woman and I don’t really care for chocolate.

2) I love ALL living things equally. I don’t animal discriminate! But… I want nothing to do with snakes or spiders.. those aren’t animals anyway.

3) I need alone time. I mean, I need time when I’m ALL BY MY SELF!! I like myself. I require time & space to breathe without other’s around getting on my nerves. I never get on my nerves! I am confident and like to be all alone at times.
4) I want to learn to fly a plane. I think it would be exhilarating!
5) I am very annoyed by soft-spoken people. They just, ugh.. have some confidence in your self and SPEAK UP!!
6) I lettered in Drama in Highschool
7) My heritage & bloodline is French & Russian. (That’s where my loud, stubborn temper comes from, if I get pushed to that point… which rarely happens. You have to do something really REALLY terrible to see my mean side!! Ya hear?
8) I am double jointed in my arms, legs and fingers.
9) I have a gorgeous Gibson Les Paul, custom painted that I can barely play. It’s a shame, I know!! My dad is trying to teach me..
10) I enjoy giving speeches and public speaking of any kind. 

->Pass it on to some (or 10) bloggers you think are awesome and/or epic–or both. (Again, I’m breaking rules.. I don’t have 10 on my list, but for those I do pass it to, know what the right, real rules are!! So, my nominee’s are:

1) Hastywords – My favorite friend & most talented poet in the ‘sphere!

2) A Spoon Ful of Suga – This writer holds nothing back!!

3) The Reclining Gentleman – Raw talent, excellent fiction, and reality all in one!

 Thank you, again, Revis!! You are some kind of awesome!!

Over on Stuphblog, there is this really great guy I know, some of you may know him too.. Yes, that is right, TwinDaddy, I am talking about you!! Over the course of the last few months, I have had some great conversations with this person. I really enjoy each and every one of them! Not only is TwinDaddy a great written, but he is also a great friend… with a great mind and soul. So, given the fact that he nominated me for this ABC Award, makes me feel pretty good!! I’m happy to be on his list of nominees!! Thank you TD!! You rock my world!!
What is up with this award here…?
The ABC – it’s easy as 1, 2. 3 – (Awesome Blog Content) Award.  The ABC Award is a bit different from other awards in that the only rule is that you come up with something relevant to you for each letter of the alphabet.  Hence, the title ABC Award.  “At least, I’m guessing that’s what’s supposed to be so clever about this award.” – Said TwinDaddy. Well, TD, I think you got it right!! This should be easy.. Lets go ->
A- Apples. I eat at least ONE apple everyday, if not more. It is one of my healthier addictions.
B- Brother & Butterflies.. there is a reason for that ♥
C- Cars. My father owns many car dealerships. He has given me a love & appreciation for cars since I was little.
D- Dad … I love, honor & respect my dad more than I can express properly ( & David ♥ you are everywhere in me )
E- Eggs Benedict.. my favorite thing for breakfast!!
F- Family ♥ ( and friends.. but family #1 )
G- Grandpa Lefever ♥ I loved my Papa Lefever! He was the best. I miss him everyday…
H- Heart. ♥ I put my heart into a lot of things in my life.
I- Inspiration. I need this everyday!! ♥
J- Jake ♥ my husband. My best friend. My partner. My person ♥
K- Kindness. What would the world be without it?
L- Laughter  ♥ Love  ♥ Listening ♥ Learning
M- My Momma. Of course my mom is on this list. I love my family more than anything! I will always need my mom ♥
N- Namaste ♥ Be well with you, I bow to you!! (Yoga stuff)
O- Options.. I like to be able to make my own choices in life.
P- Puppies. Yea. I know. I love em.
Q- Quality. I like anything that has or is quality!!
R- Rainbows. I think it’s a miracle when light reflects off of water and we get to see the colors. I mean, wow!! So awesome
S- Sex. My marriage would be just good friendship without it! I have enough friends!! ( ♥ my hubby )
T- Time. I wish I had more. I live to mot waste any… & Tears… they cleanse the soul
U- Umbrellas. They keep my dry when it rains & allows my to walk in the rain. ( I ♥ rain )
V- Valentines Day ♥ Um, couldn’t think of a good ‘V’ and I like to eat cup cakes and get new jewelry on this day!
W- Waterfalls!! They are beautiful!! One of earths miracles..
X- X-Factor. I do watch the show.. it’s good 🙂
Y- Yoga. I practice Vinyasa & Ashtanga. I also enjoy Hatha. Anusara is a class I’ve taken, but not regularly.
Z- Zen. I love the idea of Zen, we are all one with the elements. Be still. Be calm. Breathe.
See… that wasn’t so bad! Now it’s that time to pass the ABC Award, because it feels good to get an award and we don’t want to be selfish pricks, like TwinDaddy said, thank you TD!!
Before I name the few winners, I want to remind everyone to head over to check out some real Unshitty Stuph on TwinDaddy’s blog!! Although, is fan base is ten times the size of mine, I may have one wonderful reader who hasn’t been by, and you should not think twice.. it is a great blog!!
I want to thank TD, Tryst Peeps, and of course, my own self, mind and soul… without which I wouldn’t have the wonderful skill and talent that I possess as a writer!! 🙂 In all seriousness, thanks to those who nominated me for these awards, thanks for giving me all this work to do when accepting them, sheesh… thanks to those on Tryst, and thanks to, well, everyone!! XOXO♥
Am I done yet…?
Oh Yeah, some more nominations.. OK!! Here are the ones I’m giving this ABC Award to:
1)  Reconstructing Christina ♥ a beautiful talent!
2) Shackled & Crowned ♥ Uncut & raw words, brilliant!
3) Lacie Jay ♥ My sweet friend is talented & amazing!
Tryst Thought: I am enough. To make myself smile, to accomplish my goals, to take care of my needs, to provide for myself in any way… I am enough. But it means so much more having you in my life to share it with!!
To my friends, my family, and all those who my heart loves XoXo ~ Jen♥
 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

14 responses to “Tryst Award Show Pt 2 ~ Tryst News

    • Stop it!! You are making me blush… (*_*) <- see… Thank you for this level of epicness!! I can feel it in my bones!! Tryst is my land of whatever I want it to be. I'm happy you are a part if it! ♥jen

  1. I am so very very late in saying thank you so much for thinking of me sweet friend!! You are awesome and spectacular and shine brighter than a constellation of stars! Keep shining so bright Chicka!! Hugs!! ♥♥♥♥ ~

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