Last Night Emotions

Last Nights Emotions
Through the thickest part
Of the trees
You could see light
Peeking through
Reaching out to touch you
I remember the air
That day, it was so thick
Heavy like the weight on my heart
Echos of the night
I am running from today
Don’t seem to want to leave
Me alone
I sit & I pray
I feel like I’m suffocating
Stuck, standing still
In the city
It has its grasp on me
Tight, like I’m in shackles
Will I ever get out of here
Will I ever reach the sea
To see a new dawn
The tangerine horizon
Sunsets more beautiful than
My midwest mind can imagine
This city here
Drowns its people
I’ve seen it many times
I pray to not be a victim
But to run when the chance arrives
To the place my spirit belongs
I cannot spread my wings here
Trapped, confined, consumed
In a city that is not my home
I don’t belong here
So why am I held back
In the arms of the unwanted
My emotions scream these truths
Yet silent, I cry
I don’t belong here
I need to fly
~ J. Lefever ~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

6 responses to “Last Night Emotions

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    • I’m back home in the city!! Weekend break was nice & much needed. Now I can get back to WP & all me favorite people!! Thank you kind friend for the Link ups!! A day behind but I’m here to read the wonderful poetry here!! Thank you Papa Spur!! You are quite wonderful!! XO~

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