This is a piece on love
Love of the unexplainable kind
I want to write
So you can feel
What love feels like
Love in the heart & mind
Like sugar on your tongue
Like music in your ears
Colors for the eyes
Gestures that bring you to tears
Love is everywhere
It is my atmosphere
I feel it in his fingers
When he runs them across my skin
I sense it in his voice
When he calls just to hear
my voice again
I love the way
He loves me
And we love each other
I look to him
I know there is no other
A soul that I’d rather share
My entire life with
My moments of joy, sadness, success
And defeat
There is only one for me
It is him, I see
This is a piece
On the love that is mine
It is something so real
Our souls intertwined
The day we fell
Both of us could tell you
But the details are ours
We keep locked in our heart
Holding each other’s hands
‘Till death do us part
With him
Love is everywhere I go
My soul is satisfied
Love tells me so
~ J. Lefever ~



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication
♣Photo Cred: Me & Bubby  

14 responses to “Loveღ

    • I am blessed to have good-true love like this. I know what the wrong kind of love feels like… and this is so much better!! Thanks for reading Miss Hasty!! I heart you too, you know!!! XOXO

      • Oh thank you. My nerves are shot right now. I need positive prayers today… I just have a lot going on. I am so behind on my writing & busy at work!! I can’t be two places at once but if I could, it would really help me out right now!! I’m lucky to have you.. this I know & am appreciative of. XoXoXo

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