Underneath Me ★Tryst Update

The night brought new thoughts… ~ A Tryst Update


Last night, underneath all the bull shit of the day, I sat down and realized that if I never do certain things, I will never know if I can do them. And not only that, I’ll never know if I was good at them. You have to take risks to succeed. You can’t just play it safe your whole life and expect to get somewhere. With those thoughts in mind, I signed up for some classes… One is physical and one is for a certification that I’ve been wanting to get for quite some time. I really feel like I need a life change here.


Lots of people change their careers in their early 30’s… right? I’m not at the end of my rope. I have my whole life ahead… right? It’s not too late to do the thing I really want to do for a living… something that will benefit myself, and another (most important)… right?


I’ve heard a quote, don’t know who by, but I remembered it : “Good things take time, great things happen all at once!”


So I’m kind of going with that. I got on-line and planned out my course of action. I’ll start getting down to business here soon… and I am so excited!!


I am the kind of person who doesn’t like to half-ass something. (That’s not saying I’ve never done a half-ass job… I’m saying I don’t like doing things half-ass) If I do something, I like to really do it!! I was like that in college. I was like in dance. I was like that when I worked in industry as a Chef. My life is not promised, nothing is guaranteed, the future in completely unknown. After the last year, the most toughest of years, I am not trying to waste any time. I also don’t need people in my life who hold me back, or drag me down, or walk on me in any way to benefit themself. I don’t have any time for that shit. I’m trying to take care of myself here, so I can have the life that I want. I will say goodbye to anyone who stands in the way of that.


With that said, I am not having these thoughts, or revelations, for any other reasons but for to take care of myself and my happiness. I don’t see anything wrong in that, what-so-ever. I don’t put the expectation on anyone else to give me happiness, right? At least I’m accountable for myself and my life.


All of this makes me feel really good about where I’m going…

Eeeeeee, I can do this!!

~ Jen


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9 responses to “Underneath Me ★Tryst Update

  1. You should be happy you have the courage for change. Settling for unhappy and unfulfilled is a life not worth living. Few of us dare to upset our dreary rhythm and take risk for something better.

    • You are right. It does take courage to change. ( I know first hand from being in recovery.. ) Many many people ‘talk’ about changing their lives.. and very few actually do. I am so ready for this though… my work right now is not fulfilling. It’s nothing I want.

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