Club Seamless ~ Tryst Fiction

Club Seamless ~ Tryst Fiction



An Interview ~

Her: I can’t imagine doing anything else for a living. I get off on the lights, the glitter, the barely-there fringe that leaves the men on the edge of their seat, and my body moving to the beat of the music while the base rattles through the floor. I love my job. I get to drink when I want to, sleep all day, take money from desperate and lonely men and make up stories about where I come from. Everyday, I can be someone new! Each lap I sit on, I get to decide what can and can’t happen. While I am on the stage, they stare and drool for me!! Leaving with the fantasies that only my sexiest body movements puts into their minds… the rest is their imagination. But they imagine me!! They fantasize about me!! And the paper… oh, the paper work is good. Staks up to a grand some nights, enough to make my shit rain. Those are the nights when I go home, still covered in sequins and glitter, throw my paper into the air, just to watch it fall to the floor around me. Stacks are hard to make in just a few hours work these days, a workin man will break his back for a stack, I just shake a lil skin in a dark club and I can make a stack! Why would I ever think of not dancing? I work the night hours and fill my pockets with stacks!! I get to choose who gets a private dance or not, I call the shots!! 

Her: I don’t really know how else to make paper like this. My momma was a dancer. I remember being a little girl. Momma would bring me to the club with her and leave me back stage. She let me play with the make-up and the little outfits but told me to stay in the back. I was never allowed to come up front, even look. It would be my ass if I even stole a peak up front! It didn’t stop me though, I looked out to the stage. I knew, that first moment I saw a girl dancing, I wanted to be on that stage. I wanted to control a crowd like that.


Tryst: I see what you are saying. You think you have control over your life. You think you are your own boss, is that right?


Her: I am my own boss!! I say who gets what when I’m dancin’!! You bet yo’ ass I run me!! People only wish they had the power of a night temptress!!


Tryst: So, you make stacks, you call your own shots and you lure in the men with false promises and cheap costumes and you think others are envious of this? What about blow jobs? Do you hand those out by choice?


Her: Shit!! Now, that’s a lotta work!! They don’t call that a job for nothin!! Maybe for some stacks… maybe for some stacks…


~ J. Lefever

This is a Work of Fiction.

This has no reflection on the things that I would do for ‘stacks’!! Just something fun to get me out of my head this afternoon. XoXo


©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication



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