Detours ~ A Free Write

Detours ~ A Free Write
If only, I could go somewhere, and get only one question answered… of all of my un-answerable questions, to the many paradoxes of life, which question would I choose to know?
It is a common question that gets asked, in all cultures, I’m sure, all around the globe, and that is: if you could know your future, would you want to know? Like, would you want to know when you are going to die?
I think it would be kind of trippy to be told the answer to that. If my time was going to expire soon, if I was going to die very soon, I may wish to know that. If this was so, I’d hopefully get busy doing all sorts of things that I want to do before I can’t… right? I’d for sure get the hell out of this city and put myself on the beach, on an island somewhere… I would not want my final days spent here!! So, for that aspect, I’d probably want to know. Other than that… if I still have many long years of life ahead of me, I can’t imagine what it would feel like to know the answer to a question like that. I don’t think I’d really want to know.
Our lives are so full of personal details. At any point, I think, depending on our decisions and choices, we can detour off our paths. Maybe it was supposed to be that way. Maybe any, or all, of our ‘detours’ are meant to happen… written in our fate…
Fate, we all know, is the predetermined principle that certain events are lined out for us and are supposed to happen. You may hear me say, “Oh, that was not meant for me…” or maybe, “This wasn’t supposed to happen”. Even when good, or bad things happen, we think that it is because of our fate, right? In the event of something unfortunate, I say, “My fate is not looking very good right now…”
I have taken a lot of detours in my life. I have lived in other cities… for many years, and for a short time. I have circled back to my home town and I know this is not permanent. I have met people, who have brought me to do and see new things. I have lost people too. I have lost people who I thought would always be a part of my life and they turned out to be just a memory for me now. Could all the times I messed up and made bad choices have been avoided? Or was it in my fate to learn and grow up that way? Today, I have some new and wonderful people in my life who I hope to continue to get to know. Today, I am getting ready to make a life change and work in a new industry. Is this path predetermined… is it my fate?
I have a lot of questions that run through my mind, every single day… here I am… just thinking about the path I seem to be on right now… and questioning if it is the right one and if it really is true that fate exists and my life is a predetermined chain of events…
J. Lefever

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8 responses to “Detours ~ A Free Write

  1. I’d probably ask if whoever was answering knew any really good restaurants.
    What? It’s useful information.

    Not a big believer in fate. I do think choices we didn’t even realize we were making can have effects we never thought of but I’m accountable for just about all my successes and failures.
    Not sure which group I’m prouder of…

    • Hum… yes… a good meal would be in store for me too!! I have mixed thoughts on fate.. this is just a quick free write here. I have written a lot on this subject. My brother has told me that he thinks we have a certain amount of fate… like we are lead in someways… but once we are there, to a certain point, it is up to us to make our final decisions. I like that. It’s a good way to look at things. ((Love you bro)) I don’t believe that EVERY aspect of our lives is mapped out and predetermined. That, to me, seems crazy and almost like we are not alive because then what would be the point of having thoughts and emotions and the ability to make choices and free will? None of that stuff would matter if at birth, our fate was already chosen for us. I just lost my brother, last june. He was 28. I don’t believe that it was fate for him to die last year. Why was his life taken? Why was his life so short?

      It is quite the conversation… isn’t it?

    • Yes!! I completely agree!! Whether we would be able to handle, or deal, with the answers we got is entirely the question… We are really not supposed to know these answers… It would defeat the purpose of life… right?

      • i don’t know about “purpose” as i have no idea what life is FOR, but if we knew the future it would affect every decision we make in the present. and would it motivate or demotivate us? EG if i knew that in the future i would be pubished, would this motivate me to work harder and better or would i think “i can kick back and put myseld under less pressure – it’s in the bag”

      • Yep! You are totally right! I mean, I agree with you completely.. not because I cannot formulate my own opinion, but because you took the words right out of my head!! I feel that way too.. if I knew I’d be published in the future, I too may kick back… but I also may sit down and finish my book thinking, ‘this is the one! this will for sure be published!!’ Right?
        I like to think of these philosophical questions… the what-if’s of life…. and the we don’t know’s….. so much to wonder about, so little time… 🙂

      • Its a question of whether the future is pre-determined or can it be changed. If I’m told I will be published and then don’t really try, will that mean that the possible future i was shown won’t happen now because i don’t write the book well enough? or will it mean that the fact i stopped trying to “improve” it meant that it got published? Or will it be published but not by as well-known or succesful a publisher as it would have been if i kept working? Sorry, Im, getting all deep now but i love pondering these logical questions too

      • Oh silly!! Don’t apologize!! I love these paradoxes too.. this is why I write about them! Because my mind wonders about these ‘unanswerable’ things all the freakin time!! Where ever our minds take us, certain things just don’t have answers, and maybe they do, but different answers for different people. Hum? There are many ways to look at what we have been debating & pondering… what-if this? what-if that? I will tell you this, I hope the both of us get published in the course of our lives!!! No matter what we need to do to get there… I imagine that we will both try! Right? 🙂

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